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For always helping others & being a gentleman.
2019-05-20 16:41:49
Thanks for all your help :)
2019-05-19 00:44:32
Thanks for the [UDEMY] Offensive Python Mastering Ethical Hacking Using Python [FTU] & the site help you give freely .
2019-05-14 13:51:50
Always there to help out, thank you so much hunni your a star :) xx
2019-04-22 07:49:26
For putting funny posts in forum.Makes me laugh .Keep them up please.🤣🤣🤣
2019-02-26 17:32:07
Happppy Birthday hunni have a wonderful day :) xx
2019-02-22 20:09:17
Happy Birthday.
2019-02-22 15:02:42
thanx for all your help my friend
2019-02-17 09:33:31
Thank you for your wonderful tutorial hunni :) xx
2019-02-10 17:22:41
Thanks for the c cleaner +5 :)
2019-01-26 04:41:16
Thank you for your caring attitude SaM
2019-01-21 10:37:43
For being helpful and always present to support site Thankyou for everything pal :)
2019-01-01 16:19:14
A man of many talents always helping out and for always being positive take a high 5 :P
2019-01-01 15:23:37
thank you for the sweet Comment :)
2018-12-31 14:05:32
For loving my BOOBS
2018-12-07 10:13:13
Thank you for providing useful info for staff
2018-12-01 15:09:53
Thanks for all the shares keep them coming
2018-11-28 09:43:41
For always helping members thank you hunni :) xx
2018-11-05 22:59:55
Just for being a gentleman.Helped me out big time in the forum.
2018-10-07 21:32:47
Thanks for being there for people and all of your help in the threads....
2018-10-05 22:51:48
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@MOVIESBB If you have encoded the movie from this source: (I know sure you did) Then at least give proper detail which is included in the main source. ```NOTE This...
2019-06-16 22:50:00
Thanks, will give it a try :)
2019-05-15 20:31:44
Yes, Indeed, it is not downloading at your end. Check your internet or make sure your torrent client not facing any issue with any wrong configuration. and make sure your ISP not blocking trackers.
2019-05-02 09:21:40
@mahesh - Sorry mate for the inconvenience and thanks for the bump, Please on it, it will start downloading like a charm. Cheers!
2019-04-27 21:07:11
Never have missed a single movie of Liam Neeson will definitely go for it :) A/8 V/8 - thanks for the upload!
2019-04-26 02:43:01
Great quality with suitable file size. thanks, uploader! A/10 V/10 :)
2019-04-03 16:25:45
thanks, good quality and a nice movie :)
2019-04-02 05:21:49
It is HC-HDRip, not Proper HDRip. please avoid misleading. Anyways, thanks!
2019-03-25 20:31:40
Thanks a bunch, for this helpful book. as you know windows 10 users never stop learning, Solutions & tricks always required to make OS stable according to new features jump in via updates. :) Once again thanks, my friend!
2019-03-24 01:08:44
@overdo7 Seed for what if something already well seeded and completely downloadable without any issue. Anyways, thanks for dropping by. have a nice day!
2019-03-10 20:52:28
thanks for share, good quality and season :)
2019-02-16 23:10:53
Thanks for share, good job :)
2019-02-16 23:09:57
Cheers, thanks for upload :)
2019-02-10 20:20:00
thanks a bunch, nice quality and sound. V/6 A/6 :)
2019-02-10 20:19:14
thanks much appreciated. :)
2019-02-10 20:17:11
Completely superb quality with great bitrates & good file size. Thanks a bunch buddy, been looking for this very badly. :) A/10 V/10
2019-01-03 17:24:19
Looking forward to Season 2, i hope i will get that season too :)
2018-12-29 19:15:33
Thanks a bunch, been waiting for BRRip and now patience has been gone. :) A/10 V/10 Cheers! !will seed it for a while!
2018-12-01 14:44:55
Thanks, will check it out tonight. :)
2018-11-14 12:48:44
Thanks, i love this kind of Adventure movies, i will definitely watch it once i finish downloading. :)
2018-10-25 20:56:38
thanks for share :)
2018-09-30 14:01:20
Thanks a bunch buddy :)
2018-09-30 14:00:45
Cheers! thanks buddy, i will grab it for sure :)
2018-07-25 16:44:43
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[quote=B4ND1T69] This is a new LOW!!! I understand the need for sites to sell space to ad providers to generate income to keep sites running etc.....but this is LOW guys:facepalm[/quote] Bud, t...
2019-06-18 22:14:38
Once upon a time, someone asked a question on an outside public forum, (approx, 2 years ago) I saw 2 answers and both of them makes sense. [color=red][b]Who the hell are the people who watch camrip...
2019-06-17 21:40:05
2019-06-15 19:44:32
[quote=LRS]"where there's a will there's a way" [/quote] Indeed, I mean no doubt, always a way! :) [quote=RedBaron58]You would need one of these or similar Elgato HD60 Pro PCI Express Game Captur...
2019-06-14 20:58:41
[img][/img] :D
2019-06-14 13:54:54
[quote=Pheraim] dear sir what happend my id upload permission plz help me sir my doughter are seek stand by hospital so extremly sorry admin pm do not read past time plz ... my id uploding permissio...
2019-06-13 01:00:41
Not sure, Just saying, did you try by editing title, I mean reduce some words or symbol? maybe large filename might be the issue? also, edit this ''‎–'' to ''-'' you can try if that may solve the ...
2019-06-11 01:40:21
[quote=iCMAL] In my culture, women don't use much internet. I thought you were men. [/quote] We hear you, buddy, it was a post & I'm just covering something else here friendly, Remember [color=gre...
2019-06-09 17:25:46
[quote=kornbolt] Help seeding these :
2019-06-08 18:21:55
[quote=AnythingOld] [img][/img] [/quote] Wow, one of the worst ridiculous reaction I have ever seen by someone on the internet. I have the b...
2019-06-08 18:19:58
[quote=AnythingOld]You know, when a single file has gone throw multiple conversions, it looses it's quality after each conversion. A lot of detail and color is lost. so just slapping a x265 doesn't ma...
2019-06-08 16:45:17
[user=LRS] [user=B4ND1T69] Agreed. because quality does matters not the size of a file. @AnythingOld, about x265, x265 can keep higher bitrate & quality in small file size besides x264 (considerin...
2019-06-08 15:59:10
[quote=BabuPC] Please give me uploader rank. [/quote] Honestly, during the last 2 weeks, it sounds like I'm seeing the same post multiple times. and specific staff answered you the same thing: htt...
2019-06-08 15:49:58
[quote=annick7c] how do I reseed because I have accidently removed one that I have been seeding for two weeks [/quote] Another simple option (Only if you don't remember the torrent name), If you'r...
2019-06-08 12:57:09
[quote=iCMAL] Ksenia is distributing herself XXX. imgbaron do not link. Because Ksenia's linking to imgbaron. My uploader took the authority for simple reasons. Because his income went down. I made $ ...
2019-06-08 09:03:45
Must Watch! she's cute she's sweet, my gosh what a superb performance by this little sweeto :) [youtube][/youtube]
2019-06-06 04:22:10
[quote=B4ND1T69] Can we have a 6 point review system please...? That way us Liverpool fans can congratulate each other properly:-):D Thanks:-* [/quote] Instead of direct 6, I have an alternati...
2019-06-02 20:58:39
2019-05-30 22:25:09
[quote=LRS] [b]IMDB -[/b] [url][/url] [/quote] [user=LRS] I was looking for a good movie for the weekend, I will definitely give it a try, thanks for directing ...
2019-05-24 10:59:05
[img][/img] :D :P :D
2019-05-22 17:59:45
[quote=Vyndros]rutorrent interface with a piece size of 4MB for the torrents, do you think that might be causing issues of some sort? [/quote] Recommended always use best working trackers, we have...
2019-05-21 17:34:45
[quote=kornbolt] Need help seeding these two :) [*][url][/url] [*][url]https://torrentgal...
2019-05-21 16:30:34
[img][/img] Yeah, babe, babe, Yes darling, open your eyes No darling :D LOL
2019-05-20 16:12:10
[quote=perfectstan] think there's a need for one addition to the above rules/guidelines-[/quote] That's a common rule, every uploader can consider that, but let me tell you something, that torrent w...
2019-05-20 16:05:50
[quote=perfectstan] Need help for this torrent - [url][/url] thanking you. [/quote] On it...
2019-05-20 01:11:30
[quote=free4pc] Yes My interest is Only on Software apps,Android Games. Again I am Promised All post Must Be Follow All Roles of You Site Like Amjad Ali [/quote] Hi, Amjad, actually, Ditto ...
2019-05-19 23:18:17
[img][/img] Real fast :P :D
2019-05-19 21:30:22
[quote=kornbolt] Help me seed these torrents! Thanks :) [url][/url] [url]
2019-05-19 05:23:33
[quote=kornbolt] Hello, new here. Please seed my first couple of torrents if possible [url][/url] ...
2019-05-19 05:20:56
[quote=kornbolt]Please help me understanding this statement :) [/quote] And the .Nfo looks like this & when you open it with ''notepad'' then you will have the whole description and above release no...
2019-05-19 02:42:02
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11/06/19 16:46
191.02 MB
11/06/19 16:40
1.90 GB
08/06/19 15:38

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I see were you are going for.... Only one left to get.... But that's a hard one tho
2018-09-21 22:40:22
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:_boob: Boob
Requested by user.
2018-09-20 17:42:59
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:_sun: Sunshine
Thanks for your never ending input on matters.
2018-09-20 17:42:48
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2018-06-30 19:43:50
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2018-06-19 19:20:08
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He sure is :)
2018-06-07 10:35:40
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Thanks for your help and activity on the site.
2018-06-04 21:36:22
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2018-06-04 19:53:09
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:_kitty: Kitty
A small gift thats trashing my home! plz look after this kitty it's stinking up the place as it won't use the litter tray... feed for it but most of all love it :P
2018-06-04 19:33:07
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