Bringing back old torrents

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Thanks again Angelina:_admin::_female::_sitelover::_junkie::_sun:, i still miss the live tracker stats for seeds and leechs when editing.. still requires a client for the info

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I use this one

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jameshotwire wrote:

Lots of us have come from sites that are no more.  So many torrents and hours of ripping, ect gone.  Used to think that anyway,  happened to be searching a hash tag and seen a fresh TPB link. Was not expecting the .org to be back up an running.  Well it is and not just half ass like it had been since 14 or so.  Anyways password recovery,  uploads, and tracker stats are working. if you was to go there in type in *.2008  you would be surprised .  The interesting thing about uploading to TPB you have to upload there first or within a couple seconds, otherwise it will not be listed as your upload in your user settings.  It has always been like that and reason being its more of an indexing site.  This my friends is how it is that every torrent you ever uploaded to a public site is indexed there.  Anyways with the magnet you get from TPB ,  its  fairly easy procedure to make that a updated torrent that you can rehost  and keep the original seeders.
I'm not quite understanding the reason for your original post? First off, you should know that not every tracker is compatible with ever announcement. Sometimes announcements can even be blocked! Believe it or not, it may even be your IP. I know this for a fact, because I had an issue with a lot of public trackers that has blocked my seedbox. Something to do with many people trackers being attacked (DDoS most likely).  So, having said that, the easiest why many open trackers handle it was to block a range of IPs. Second, the sheer amount of torrents that are circulating around the internet, surely you don't think that every torrent get's index. Even Google admits that it can't index everything.


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LRS wrote:

Got a challenge for any 1 whos up to it!... how about a torrent editor for Torrentgalaxy ? Something uploaders can use for things like editing torrents in the upload list as well as an option for guests to come here and fix up torrents/replace dead trackers ?

Torrenteditor was a good working solution for us in the past to breath a little life into torrents but now it's just not working with ajax errors we need a simple solution with No technical skills needed and content can be added to TGindexer:_trusted_uploader: if you think you can help then please do we would like to hear from you.
Have you looked into their API?
I think it uses bencode.
I haven't looked into this too much, but those might help to get started on making an on-site solution.

On the other hand, for something easy that would require very little to use :
I've used this many times in the past.
( as also recommended by mickjapa108 )

Of course an on-site solution would be better, but if you allow certain users groups to swap torrent files for uploads, they could easily download the .torrent file, throw it in that editor, swap out trackers, save, and replace the on-site torrent file with it.
Relatively quick and easy. The program is extremely easy to use.
Pretty much just:

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We would like some onsite solution if possible.

What was really handy about was that you could see the status of trackers:

I myself use

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What an interesting conversation.    Torrent Editor yes it ajax fails... but if you have a list of good trackers on a notepad you can swap out the bad trackers and it works you just cant see the live stats until you add to client. Each time it says fail you just click OK than add next tracker click update ,fails OK and next...I still use it and that's its only problem it cant see the real time stats. I can live with that.

I share everything on TPB cause so far it has been the eternal site.   Even when it went wack in 2015.  But its not for everyone its old school for certain. But it is very hard to kill.   Plus Im green there and thats not just something they give to everyone. Hell just getting a trusted took me 7 months and around a 1000 clean uploads.  And my VIP I have no idea what put me over the top and I was not gonna ask cause that never works well ...Anywhere! see image

Anyway good info and glad I came upon this thread thankx to Jameshotwire commenting on my shares.

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Have always thought of old .torrent files as old boxes..   with one critical piece of info inside..   >   the HASH

if you know the HASH
you can create a magnet link..   using some working trackers

if those trackers find a SEED
you can keep the torrent alive..  for years to come

I've found tons of stuff this way, by simply knowing the HASH B)B)

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