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2019-10-25 19:39:35
Thanks for all the great music that you've shared over the years my Friend (òÓ,)_\,,/
2019-09-18 06:51:22
High quality uploader with great taste in music. Lucky to have you m8! Cheers :)
2019-04-22 20:57:40
Yes my friend you Got it,
2019-01-21 10:31:38
for great music & friendship ... five points
2018-12-24 11:37:38
+5 For Always going that extra mile to source those hard to find files .. Thanks for the shares my friend .. 🎼🎵🎶 🎸¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸
2018-12-21 22:15:06
Thanks for coming over to TGx and welcome
2018-07-29 06:16:11
For & your other UPs
2018-07-25 18:50:21
Here are the 5 points Ron forgot. ;)
2018-07-14 07:02:59
Here's 5 to a guy that does real class uploading.
2018-07-14 02:14:51
Thank you for all your shares :)
2018-07-12 23:29:20
a good friend :)
2018-06-18 23:14:24
To a trooper that's been around a long time. Always providing the best quality sounds available. So glad you're here.
2018-06-18 17:19:44
one of a kind
2018-06-18 17:03:47
+ 5 For all the Great music you've shared over the years ¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸(òÓ,)_\,,/
2018-06-09 21:52:15
Thanks for joining Torrentgalaxy :)
2018-06-05 08:37:24
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Unbelievable pram got almost 8000 hits we wasting our time.
2019-10-10 23:09:06
We are fortunate that he left behind many live recordings to enjoy
2019-10-01 09:14:13
The real cool part is since I like everything I share so its not even work. B)
2019-09-24 14:43:16
Heres another for ya Robb It is Deluxed and ready to rip
2019-09-24 04:00:23
Its kinda sad that this share hardly made a ripple . I guess the peeps have forgotton already. Thanx for comment.
2019-08-10 03:16:37
I see the posers posted sooner they can show how much they love the music by posting Kanye West or some similar next.
2019-08-06 11:45:21
I guess it was time for the Brothers Im the only one left sharing em. Ill make it a at least Monthly deal. Make sure to remind me if I forget. I don't automate anything. Thats how I keep it real
2019-07-31 16:43:21
Did ya see this coming?
2019-07-31 02:58:03
Thankx guys they make the music, I just find ways to package it that compliment the style. Last time they were releasing new album I was just starting to grasp what uploading was all about. Time flies 2 weeks or less for We Are Not Your Kind
2019-07-25 10:34:21
By now Im sure that someone has noticed that the last track is not Down By The River. With all the DBTR I figured that Some one needed to Say Take me to the River. Anyway there was the hook. How else could a seemingly throwaway cover of “Take Me ...
2019-07-24 17:41:59
I totally understand, His passing deeply saddened me. I had been collecting shows from him with SG ,Audioslave also the Temple of The Dog shows and his solo shows . So I will be able to brighten up the day from time to time with them. I already have...
2019-06-20 05:48:22
Your welcome cRAYzB)
2019-06-12 19:12:04
all extra image now had not been here for awhile
2019-05-23 13:37:44
As I live and breathe I came to share
2019-05-18 10:44:35 This will take you back to good times. It sure did for me
2019-05-10 19:05:13
But still better than anything in the top 100 what can ya do?
2019-05-09 06:54:22
They did have other releases which I will also Share.
2019-05-04 03:57:28
I have been advised to do that before but it just wont take. What can ya do?B)
2019-05-02 02:56:01
Like a Part 2 of Mine which works well
2019-04-22 18:41:23
One of my favorite bands. A huge part of my 80's soundtrack. Thankx 4 commenting, it lets me know peeps are still listening.
2019-04-11 18:54:23
Did you mean this? And you hit it dead right it is killer. If they went touring with Blackberry Smoke they would be set
2019-03-29 14:40:10
I live to share :)
2019-03-22 22:19:28
your welcome as I said in the description I listened to Sammy for along time I know the music it makes it so much easier to share.
2019-03-16 02:16:12
This ones for you Robb Cheers
2019-02-04 02:13:35
I know and love the music that helps me to make the best shares I can
2019-01-28 22:24:52
I was dropping a bunch of back catalog for a site that lost a years worth of content and some overlapped to before I got here so I shared here as well. Keep watching Ill drop a bunch more before long. Although I have been getting a lot of dns errors....
2019-01-26 16:02:45
look at my pm I sent and tell if I got it right
2019-01-20 19:25:09
Im working on getting a video of one of these shows
2019-01-12 20:03:53

Post preview
There were many good ones and I grabbed about half of em and used in different pieces in some of my ongoing projects. Good stuff all. I do wonder a lil bit if the voting numbers would be any differen...
2019-11-02 04:32:50
They all put in time and work and it was hard to pick but I had to go with [size=5][color=red]3[/color][/size] I miss this one though... [url=][img]https://extraima...
2019-10-25 08:29:48
I got one for ya God and Ulster its Retagging. Feel free to pm me.
2019-08-26 01:16:38
I was reading about the zone where the people stopped the Airport but man did they ever pay the price. Ouch there are some huge issues in France. Peace.
2019-08-26 01:10:10
Sad but it does happen in p2p. I had only been there a few months when It went. I did recognize some issues but. No matter who you were It was noob status. Until you could launch a lot of HQ shares. W...
2019-08-26 01:05:23
how big a screen does a phone have? Its what they all watch
2019-07-27 05:42:01
Well done , Im reminded of A Clockwork Orange "They couldn't rehabilitate us so they made us cops". And me? I only came to share... That's my story and Im sticking to it.
2019-07-18 04:45:09
Deep 61 I remember you from Kat V-1 and WWT (for about 5 seconds) It did not last long by the time I found it.. This is a good place although WWT would not allow its name to be spoken LOL. Now your ...
2019-07-18 04:33:37
I remember your avatar. You and it have landed in a collection of sharers from all over the place. A gathering of unique individuals. Welcome
2019-07-18 04:22:08
WWT was A particular site. They would not recognize me as an uploader. Had me as a Noob apprentice beginning trial uploader. I just got the next stage than off line they went. Tough Room. Otherwise I...
2019-07-17 11:31:21
So far as an Exclusive share the only place where I pulled it off was not even limetorrents who handles torrent distro for them did not pick it up, yet still supplied 1337x with the torrent....
2019-07-17 04:44:41
Demonoid has risen from the abyss I have been restored to VIP status and Regs. are OPEN Welcome back
2019-07-17 04:23:32
I was only at TPB and Torrent reactor and met Ron while I was chasing a site hopping troll. I was stillmostly a noob cause at the time I was not really aware or how the torrent world really worked. th...
2019-02-10 23:42:37
[quote] [color=red][b]Note:[/color] Changing the trackers on your torrent or torrents will not change the trackers displayed here on site. It will only change the trackers in your BitTorrent client[/b...
2019-01-20 19:50:31
seems to be dead again
2019-01-20 19:40:07
I had not heard of this editor (BitTorrent Tracker Editor) before thankx
2018-11-10 21:25:06
Thats whats great about torrent sites that have PM's. Its how I got here
2018-10-06 22:05:46
I wont say Its gone forever I been around long enough to see it come back from awhile. But I was/am a VIP uploader there and I say this site is good and has a true community of uploaders and mods from...
2018-10-06 11:01:08
Yes a good mix of Kat and ET. Now if someone could lure Bubanee into appearing
2018-07-29 05:05:59
Best torrent site created In a long time, a community based Site instead of the automated nightmares that seem to to be everywhere. I look forward to many years of this site. It is definitely headed ...
2018-06-25 03:37:56
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A credit to torrentgalaxy thank you :
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Sure is thank you for your wonderful shares :)
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