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time for 5 from me
2020-01-21 10:28:56
Happy New Year 2020! I hope you have an amazing 2020 Angie! :)) Thank you for being there for me during my tough times :Hugs:
2020-01-21 10:00:29
A small pair of angel wings for you. You deserve so much more.❤
2020-01-20 12:26:37
Sending you a really big hug back....
2020-01-16 12:37:28
Wishing you & yours an Amazing 2020 dear Ange1 love n hugs 4 u ❤
2020-01-14 16:34:26
Belated happy new year and a big hug! Thinking of you...
2020-01-07 19:10:44
Happy New Year Sweetie.....Keep on Sparkling :@)
2020-01-07 12:24:48
Sorry for the delay Happy new year to you and your Family
2020-01-06 12:09:55
Thank you for being there and for being you.
2020-01-06 11:20:42
Happy New Year Ange1...🥳🥳 May This Year Fullfills All Of Your Wishes Of Life!!!😊 Be Who U R...Best Person I've Ever Met!!! Take Care Ange1!!!
2020-01-06 08:10:16
get the wine out lol happy new year to you ange1 and your family as well....
2020-01-01 23:10:22
Thankx for sticking around I like stability it keeps the world real. 2020 Wow is that even a thing?
2020-01-01 20:05:19
Happy newyear Ange.Hope this wil be a great year for you.
2020-01-01 18:21:20
Peace, Love & PoZitive VibeZ to you & yours, Happy 2020!
2020-01-01 14:42:13
May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Wishing you a joyous 2020!
2020-01-01 12:53:33
Happy New Year :D
2020-01-01 09:02:01
Merry (belated) Christmas to you and I wish you and your family all the best in 2020!!!
2020-01-01 07:21:25
Wishing you all the best Ange for 2020 .TC special lady.You are one of a kind.❤
2020-01-01 03:45:56
Happy New Year Ange1 :)
2020-01-01 03:33:02
Wishing you a year of happiness and good health as this year comes to a conclusion.Happy New Year 2020! This is the way. I have spoken
2020-01-01 00:18:49
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Thank you hunni :) xx
2020-01-20 08:21:43
Thank you so much hunni much appreciate :) xx
2020-01-20 08:00:09
Thank you hunni much appreciated :) xx
2020-01-20 07:59:04
Thank you :) awesome sequel :) xx
2020-01-20 07:56:36
Thank you :) xx
2020-01-20 07:55:10
Thank you :) xx
2020-01-20 07:53:29
Thank you :) xx
2020-01-20 07:51:32
Thank you hunni :) but i never fell still here hee hee :) lovely quality and sound :) xx
2020-01-20 07:45:20
Thank you awesome quality and sound and movie is awesome :) This one is deffo an Epic :) xx
2020-01-20 07:35:27
Corrected, thank you :)
2019-08-16 07:16:55
grenadier5659 aww you are most welcome :) enjoy from our lovely eyez :)
2019-08-14 19:09:18
Awesome quality thank you so much :) xx Loved the movie, powerful story and very well done, this is certainly one to watch :) xx
2019-08-03 22:40:59
Awesome thank you so much :) xx
2019-07-29 19:43:37
Has Ads in the movie
2019-07-21 08:26:41
Perfect copy and sound, thank you :) xx If you cant wait for a 720p or 1080p this is one to watch till it becomes available :) i dont mind watching till then as i like to watch again if a movie is good :)
2019-07-20 08:39:12 One there :)
2019-06-30 08:04:15
Thank you :) Good Print and Audio :) I was unsure of this movie but decided to watch as like any movie you have to make your own view on them :) I did enjoy as it was a different take on your normal superhero, more like a superhero gone demonic lol...
2019-06-28 08:16:47
This has Ads and also a link that pops up from time to time during the movie
2019-06-24 19:22:01
buzzing on sound and ads through the movie...screen quality not great but thank you for the effort
2019-06-03 19:27:38
Thank you :) Nice copy and sound. As for the movie i shall give it a 5 out of 10 review :) xx
2019-06-02 08:08:56
Checked and working fine in VLC :) sorry it may be something at your end that is causing it to cut off
2019-05-15 19:57:55
Checked and working fine in VLC :) sorry it may be something at your end that is causing it to cut off
2019-05-15 19:57:27
Could you just check in future please when adding torrents that you leave spaces between each tracker please as this one has no spaces :) thank you :)
2019-04-06 14:24:31
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A very warm welcome [user=aviana] its so lovely to have you with us :) xx
2020-01-20 06:51:59
[quote=MechBoy] SO MUCH THANKS FOR GAVE ME CHANCE TO UPLOAD.. THANKS AGAIN:love But one issue is, I recently uploaded a torrent file which files at top bars showing ''Unverified torrent ''. why? :love...
2020-01-20 06:31:32
[quote=QueenB] [quote=Ange1] oh dear thats not good hunni 8o :-@ [/quote] Time to build that extra wing....:facepalm [/quote] ooh if you need help hunni dont hesitate to ask :) i have 2 wings ...
2020-01-16 07:57:31
Just started to watch Messiah but only seen the first episode but still it has me hooked for now :) The story is a round a man who peeps believe has the power to make miracles happen, a divine person ...
2020-01-16 07:47:39
[quote=QueenB] [quote=Ange1] Hi Chris a very warm welcome good to have you with us :) dont worry only some of us are a little crazy lol xx [/quote] [size=4][color=#F778A1][b]Some??????? I am almost...
2020-01-16 07:24:18
Hi Chris a very warm welcome good to have you with us :) dont worry only some of us are a little crazy lol xx
2020-01-15 07:30:24
[quote=Mafketel] [quote=Ange1] [quote=QueenB] [quote=Ange1] [quote=QueenB] [quote=Ange1] TG is all about being friendly, helpful having fun and enjoying your stay each day :) [/quote] [size=4][co...
2020-01-15 07:28:52
[quote=miok] I'm about to start watching season 1. Looks very interesting. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. [/quote] i bet you catch up quicker than me hunni lol xx
2020-01-14 19:11:20
[quote=QueenB] [quote=Ange1] [quote=QueenB] [quote=Ange1] TG is all about being friendly, helpful having fun and enjoying your stay each day :) [/quote] [size=4][color=#F778A1][b][i]You forgot th...
2020-01-14 19:02:57
ooh wow so there is more and actually a triology aww thank you HB and battle :) xx i better try and catch up then so hopefully one a week lol xx
2020-01-14 18:50:16
aww only saw the first one but from what i saw it was very good :) hopefully get back to catching up as i heard there is to be a second series if that is correct :) xx
2020-01-14 08:30:03
[quote=Mantrhax] Hello All, im an old fart lurking around for ages. :warn:facepalm [/quote] A very warm welcome [user=Mantrhax] its lovely to have you with us and your never old like i tell peeps...
2020-01-14 07:28:51
[quote=QueenB] [quote=Ange1] TG is all about being friendly, helpful having fun and enjoying your stay each day :) [/quote] [size=4][color=#F778A1][b][i]You forgot the most important point Ange1 ...
2020-01-14 07:26:41
[user=Panerai] its always so lovely when peeps introduce themselves so thank you for that hunni and it really is lovely to have you here at TG :) a very warm welcome to all new members :) Please fee...
2020-01-13 08:17:09
Love it i have just started to watch so probably be next year before i am finished lol xx
2020-01-13 07:55:51
ooh and sorry a day late Reno57 but hope you had a wonderful Birthday :) xx
2020-01-11 04:49:42
Happy Birthday jaxe hope you have a wonderful Birthday :) xx
2020-01-11 04:45:28
Ron you were and always will be missed and never forgotten. A gentleman with a beautiful soul who left wonderful memories on so many peoples lives. Thank you hunni for being you :) xox
2019-12-29 07:21:09
[quote=LizardQueen] [center][size=5][color=CARAMEL]M[/color][color=lightgreen]E[/color][color=maroon]R[/color][color=lime]R[/color][color=crimson]Y [/color] [color=green] X[/color][color=red]M[...
2019-12-28 06:54:21
[quote=MissKitti] [img][/img] [user=Ange1] [b][color=green]&[/color][/b] [img][/img] [/quote] aww be...
2019-12-28 06:51:15
[quote=MrBadDog] [quote=LizardQueen] 8o:-):-):-):-):D:P:D [quote=MrBadDog] Hi Ange1, Nice place you got here. Did you put ZQ out of buissness or buy the place and send her on a happy holiday. LOL [/...
2019-12-28 06:50:10
I am truly sorry for missing peeps Birthday but i do hope you all had a most wonderful time :) xx
2019-12-28 06:19:22
mmmmmm look amazing hunni :) xx
2019-12-25 16:08:43
A huge congratulations to our winners :) very well done and to all who entered :) Thank you for amazing banners :) xx
2019-12-25 16:02:34
To all my wonderful family at TG thank you all for your love and support you all have left footprints on my heart which i shall treasure always :) May you all have a most wonderful Magical Christma...
2019-12-25 15:58:30
I would like to take this Opportunity to Wish everyone a beautiful and wonderful Christmas time :) Christmas is a time for family and friends :) a time to show how much they mean to you :) so sprea...
2019-12-21 06:57:20
Amazing banners well done everyone :) i am going to go with Number 6 :) beautiful banner :) xx
2019-12-21 06:43:14
Sadly i did not have time to enter but they are amazing well done to all :) i love them all but i would like to vote for number 3 please :) xx
2019-12-21 06:40:15
Wow wow wow, amazing work [user=KillerJane] well done hunni :) thank you for posting :) love it xx
2019-11-16 06:57:54
Omg amazing videos [user=GhostRider] and [user=KayOsGFX] wow wow wow well done i love them :) xx
2019-11-09 08:16:00
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