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hi think i spoken to you few times about year and half lol
2019-07-20 22:56:56
For being tough as nails in the face of adversity. You got this! :)
2019-07-19 10:14:26
Hugs hunni because you deserve it, thank you for being you and supporting me :) your a star xx
2019-07-18 07:13:50
hi Angelina :) thank u so much! good to be in touch again :)
2019-07-17 21:15:35
For believing in me & for being my good friend.Love you kid.😊❀
2019-07-17 12:54:32
Always there for friend ever 😘😘
2019-07-16 08:57:09
secret bribe for my banner entry.
2019-07-07 20:07:33
Oompa loompa doompety doo I've got a perfect torrent for you Oompa loompa doompety dee If you are wise you'll listen to me lol :D
2019-07-05 20:45:59
Sending you 5 and a dry cleaning bill,just read your innocent reply in I couldn't resist,i needed a chuckle today ;-) Now to put my top in washing machine because its covered in coffee!
2019-06-20 18:44:17 geel better soon my dear BFF 😘
2019-06-13 14:27:43
Angelina! Always solving problems and keeping TGX shiny. Thanks for the help.
2019-06-06 17:50:13
Thank you for your tireless work here.
2019-06-04 12:24:30
Not enough can be said to show you what your help & guidance have meant to me.Will never be able to repay you in any way.Thank you for being there for me & also for your friendship.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“
2019-06-03 14:37:43
always ready to help bless you and thanx
2019-06-02 13:53:19
My Hero, Thanks for retrieving my dancing Duck
2019-05-27 13:38:27
Had a great day with you. Thank you for being a realy great friend,and driving that far to see me and Bieb 😘
2019-05-22 08:27:15
How can we thankyou for all you do for site and for us, God Bless You dear ☺️
2019-05-18 19:36:00
Thanks for the review Angelina, +5 back at you for being an active admin and taking notice of what us users are up to. Great site and great staff.
2019-05-18 11:46:01
For all the support. Thank you very much.
2019-05-18 11:37:19
Thank you hunni for being so wonderful, kind and lovely, a dear friend who makes the world a brighter place :) hugs xx
2019-05-18 11:09:33
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@guest-2007 tv database says it has only 8 episodes.
2019-07-21 09:20:56
Has ads in it.
2019-07-11 19:59:14
@Guest-3042, try magnetlink. That works.
2019-07-04 20:10:32
Fixed to correct imdb info
2019-07-04 15:47:18
We don't have packs SD and packs HD as you can put quality in the title of torrent yourself. We as TG want to keep categories as simple as possible. So TV packs go in category TV Packs and single episodes in either SD or HD.
2019-07-03 11:32:09
Has ads in it.
2019-07-02 11:48:11
@guest 1865: before screaming fake first get your facts straight. This has aired on June 27th and is not a fake.
2019-06-28 08:09:42
Has multiple ads in it.
2019-06-27 15:08:53
Very fast download. Books looks of very good quality skimming over it. Thanks!
2019-06-27 14:28:57
Thank you for the audio book.:) Fast download and great quality audiobook.
2019-06-26 17:28:26
There's a movie and tv-serie. This is the series version, so it is not a movie.
2019-06-04 05:34:37
Has adds in it.
2019-06-02 17:40:58
Has adds in it.
2019-05-31 16:01:36
@Guest-2447: downloading well on my end. If you register then you won't get anny adds at all on site.
2019-05-31 11:55:54
You should use a maximum of 15 trackers and make sure you put a blank line between the trackers trackers.
2019-05-24 04:47:38
Correct imdb added. The scene releaser gave it this name and we are to use this title. We are unable to change title.
2019-05-23 08:43:49
All 1Γ—bet uploads always have adds in them.
2019-05-23 08:39:33
Make sure your trackerlist is spaced. Only two trackers showing here and working when downloading.
2019-05-18 09:39:10
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[quote=B4ND1T69] I didn`t look as i was editing the name to add "King of the Monsters" which i left out when encoding so i didn`t spot it until i looked back...soz [user=Angelina] [/quote] If you ru...
2019-07-22 11:07:09
I've long hidden for people who I used to be on KAT, but this was my profile. And my second account which I only us...
2019-07-22 10:20:08
Thank you for taking over [user=miok].:) Uploaders please use working trackers. Without them your torrent won't seed or stay alive.
2019-07-22 09:56:43
[quote=B4ND1T69] Is someone having a laugh or just messing with my uploads for anothers reason...? Last night i uploaded Godzilla >>
2019-07-22 09:43:18
[quote=Mafketel] Goedemorgen allemaal tis weer maandag... Eerst veeeeeel koffie en dan ons voorbereiden op de hittegolf met op donderdag het hoogtepunt van mogelijk [size=6]40 [/size]graden. Als m'n...
2019-07-22 09:40:33
Good night everyone.:)
2019-07-21 20:36:44
[color=green][b][size=4]New to uploading? We are looking for you too. Make sure you check our [url=]rules[/url], check our uploading [url...
2019-07-21 19:05:14
[center][img][/img][/center] Miss you still....
2019-07-21 11:27:40
The age of Adaline
2019-07-21 10:55:49
Goedemorgen. Hier worden de muizen als cadeautje gebracht door onze kater.:facepalm De poezen zijn te lui. Veel kijkplezier Rob.:) Niet normaal zo warm als verwacht wordt.8o
2019-07-21 09:04:42
[quote=Csabaxb] Hello all, was 6 years member on old Kat 2 years members on WWt, highest rank, SuperModerator now here, glad to see old and new members, thanx [/quote] Welcome Csa! Enjoy your stay...
2019-07-21 08:57:43
Ik vond alleen een halve muis....:-(
2019-07-20 19:57:45
Ik ben nog steeds op zoek naar kaboutertjes die het huishouden voor mij willen doen... Fijne zaterdagavond allemaal!
2019-07-20 19:21:31
Congratulations [user=deep61] & [user=miok]!
2019-07-20 18:16:20
[quote=Mafketel] Lol Angelina veel plezier 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 [/quote] Ik waan me aan het water...πŸ˜‚ [img][/img] (Wauw, foto...
2019-07-20 11:14:06
Goedemorgen, Veel kijk plezier Rob. QueenB, hoe is het nu? Ik ga zo maar weer aan de kelderdeur "hangen". Heb een schouder katrol van de fysio om mijn schouder weer beweegbaarder te Δ·rijgen....
2019-07-20 10:51:23
Goedemorgen, Fijne vakantie Ed. Gisteren bleek bij controle van mijn gebroken schouder dat het maar deels geheeld is en dat ik te mijn schouder te beperkt kan bewegen.
2019-07-19 08:33:32
2019-07-17 20:03:48
[quote=Battlestar]Of those about 5 are by guests, and of those guest comments, about 3 are basically pointless. I also see several asked questions, which I completely missed because we dont actually...
2019-07-17 17:56:13
At least no one has broken the thread for a while now.:[email protected]
2019-07-17 10:30:45
[quote=RobOtje] Goedemorgen. Het ziet er buiten al wat vriendelijker uit, zonnetje schijnt.:) [quote=QueenB] Hoe gaat t met Mw.Otje??Al een verwijsbrief voor de pijnpoli of nog niet?? [/quote]...
2019-07-17 09:59:35
[b][i]For links to other torrent site, please use our message system. [url=]Rules[/url] [*] Links to malicious sites, competing sites or direct downloads are not al...
2019-07-17 08:29:00
Calling it an early night. 😴 Good night everyone.
2019-07-16 18:43:49
We would like some onsite solution if possible. What was really handy about was that you could see the status of trackers: [img][/img] I myse...
2019-07-16 18:00:04
My current on phone.... [img][/img]
2019-07-16 14:29:38
[quote=Mafketel] [quote=Angelina] Geniet van de sauna QueenB.:) Ik verveel me... Ben thuis zitten en tv kijken wel een beetje (erg) zat.😊 [/quote] Het heeft zo zijn voor en nadelen... Dan m...
2019-07-16 09:32:12
Geniet van de sauna QueenB.:) Ik verveel me... Ben thuis zitten en tv kijken wel een beetje (erg) zat.😊
2019-07-16 08:35:26
[quote=Deep61] [quote=Mafketel] [quote=GhostRider] [quote=Deep61] er this is my only user name so I do not understand????? I had this username for over 5 years now [/quote] I know who you are Dee...
2019-07-16 08:33:27
2019-07-16 07:13:18
Goedemorgen, Fijne week allemaal! Je voetjes zullen straks blij zijn QueenB. Niet meer tig keer per dag uitlaten. :) Ronde weet ik veel in de UWV fouten saga.... :o) Felicitatie voor Maf g...
2019-07-15 08:46:24
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You can finally have these.....
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Don't be a stranger :)
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They might not be real but you really do look good in them ......
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For all the hard work and dedication you put into the site the past 2 months.. I can't think of anybody more deserving to carry this status before you.
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Thanks for joining the team :)
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