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Friendly Member and Good person.. :)
2018-10-21 15:45:15
So very thoughtful kind and helpful, thank you hunni :) xx
2018-10-04 14:25:04
Just because you deserve it hunni :) xx
2018-09-21 09:49:48
A true site friend. Here's one for each month that you have been here. Thanks for all support.
2018-09-17 18:07:28
For all your hard work and great quality uploads. Thank you so much for the wonderful audio books.
2018-09-15 08:28:04
The Book man for sure, lots of good stuff in his colection
2018-08-19 11:08:02
Thank you for sharing with TG :)
2018-07-12 22:14:35
Thank you for finding and uploading my requested audiobooks. Much appreciated. :)
2018-06-28 11:35:08
Thanks for supporting, and i just wished we could be good friends. :) Cheers & God bless you!
2018-06-28 02:20:34
Thank you for the great uploads,i'm really enjoying them
2018-06-18 07:37:24
Thanks for having my back. M8
2018-06-07 20:13:24
Quality uploader and always appreciated a big thanks from TG
2018-06-03 18:27:41
Thank you for the wonderful audio book uploads.
2018-05-11 14:00:55
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looks interesting and comedic thanks for the up... very good worth watching a couple of times...
2018-11-17 00:42:51
Thanks goomer seems to be doing well across the board great post cheers! m8
2018-11-12 18:23:45
nice 1080p and good frame rate +1 my friend your epic cheers! m8
2018-10-31 22:58:39
IMDB 3.4 rating I'm gonna check it out anyway sometimes it's wrong or not enough ppl rated it yet thanks for the share!
2018-10-16 22:47:27
nice share many thanks
2018-09-18 17:38:13
been waiting for this many thanks for the share m8
2018-09-18 17:35:08
1.8 IMDB rating.. now that's bad lol
2018-09-18 17:33:41
nice! thanks for the share!
2018-09-16 17:49:36
from the screens it looks nice and clear thanks for the up
2018-09-08 22:03:13
makes a skip or something very near the beginning then way out of sync from there on
2018-09-07 01:12:42
very good movie not just another 'war movie' nice share!
2018-09-07 01:09:18
well worth the watch... one of the strangest, creepiest I've seen in a while thanks for the share!
2018-08-30 13:57:01
seeders would be nice but I'll try to take up the slack in about 2w3d when it finishes downloading
2018-08-26 01:19:53
looks cray cray to me thanks for the up M8
2018-08-24 03:03:51
looks interesting thanks for the up M8 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0vl9gCOLd8
2018-08-24 02:39:06
yo! been waiting for this to drop! like Bobpa said... looks crazy!! many thanks m8 cheers! yup watched last night and crazy is too tame of a word.... It's more of a mind f*#$ than anything else lol a must watch if you like these kind of movies!!
2018-08-22 18:46:35
saw the movie, wasn't very good. hoping the book is better, they usually are... thanks for the share yup.... better than the movie [of course] good listen
2018-08-21 18:18:06
same director as Charlies Farm! I'm all over this!! thanks for the share amigo!
2018-08-19 19:55:46
looks pretty good thanks for the share amigo!
2018-08-17 23:29:57
looks good to me! thanks for the share!
2018-08-17 23:29:02
thanks for the up! trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pem5pwkYyhI
2018-08-13 22:36:18
sweet! I'll check it
2018-08-11 22:58:32
can't wait for the HC thanks for the share, looks like a great watch
2018-08-11 19:27:50
"Why would he pick a girl like me to marry".... does smoking hot say enough? thanks for the up amigo! well done ;)
2018-08-10 19:27:14
thanks for the early HC version... cheers m8! will seed to 8.0
2018-08-10 19:20:26
thanks for the A/V quality rating Adidas70 I'll have a look see :)
2018-08-05 23:29:55
looks quite interesting.. thanks for the share!
2018-08-05 04:43:45
looks good thanks 8 sry had to stop downloading was less than 1kb/s 4d7h after 3hrs of waiting seeding would be nice
2018-08-03 00:17:37
nice up amigo! fast download cheers!
2018-08-03 00:09:49
150MB? will give it a shot.. hope it's not like VHS the way bigboy12 says. took a look and is most watchable.. a little anti-aliasing would have been nice but overall great job. thanks m8 cheers!
2018-07-31 23:06:06
looks creepy worth a watch, thanks m8 cheers!
2018-07-27 15:36:41
I can live with the korean subs. thanks for not cropping the image and wrecking the movie thanks m8 nice upload... cheers!
2018-07-27 15:31:02
looks like nice upload thanks m8 will seed to 3.0 cheer's!
2018-07-27 15:26:34
thanks for the share!
2018-07-21 06:03:52
looks goo thanks for the share! cheers! m8
2018-07-21 06:01:00
thanks for the share! cheers! m8
2018-07-20 19:44:50
not a fan of Keanu but overall a decent flick.. thanks for the share!
2018-07-19 23:26:53
creepy as hell!! thanks for the share!!
2018-07-19 23:24:20
sweet! thanks and at the final match of the world cup! well done cheers! m8
2018-07-16 01:31:15
ok ok ko snow guess I was a bit harsh with the infect comment but gets old downloading and getting this BS. thanks to KraKatoa for alerting us about this prob. RoosterGold I have enough software on my comp. and I refuse to install more just to view a cam. thanks for the info just the same never heard of mp4box before and will look into it. It's like apple users want to download my books and want mp4.. just to say that android users just need to download software to accommodate them. don't crucify me for not wanting BS uploads even though they are cams and maybe Snow and the others should listen to members like myself and KraKatoa. I hate seeing this with the TGx tag as it shows up on other sites and doesn't look well upon this site
2018-07-13 19:22:08
we'll see if it's not the same 1XBET.COM shit
2018-07-13 00:41:23
@KraKatoa russian troll crap... they infect cam releases just report but beware other scene up's are the same shit even without the 1XBET.COM tag. just report it and TG staff will remove it. they need to be banned, quite annoying
2018-07-13 00:31:58
The books he wrote using the pseudo John Lange seem to have been forgotten to time. There are others that I am working on getting... most have been audio cassette with audio no one can fix lol. cheers all!
2018-07-05 18:15:07
will report cheers!
2018-06-30 22:20:26
many don't know about the prequel.... and I think a few other novella's as well to come.. cheers all! 35hrs. should keep most busy till the next :)
2018-06-30 21:52:17
looks badass I'll check it out and post back
2018-06-30 21:46:59
nice up
2018-06-29 02:18:14
nice up! good flick! you never knew if you were wrong or right, you think one thing and find out you weren't even close lol recommended movie to download thanks!
2018-06-24 23:16:13
thanks! I had forgotten this was renewed for a second season
2018-06-22 00:29:11
was gonna leave more a comment then notice d it was an EVO bot
2018-06-20 21:16:00

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