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Thank you for Episode 1 of Dracula 2020 !!
2020-01-02 11:36:02
WOW! I saw this on another site in SD and I started searching for a HD copy and I found yours. I should had just asked you first instead of searching all over the net. Thank you again,
2019-12-30 11:53:43
Thank you for supporting TG's artists by voting in the Christmas banner competition.
2019-12-22 20:57:12
Enjoy your travels!
2019-11-19 18:38:07
Great uploader and also supporter of TGx much appreciated
2019-11-12 16:37:29
Thank you for your great uploads
2019-11-11 19:38:18
It's good to be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
2019-10-03 22:33:56
Great uploader.thanks for sharing.
2019-09-21 15:50:05
Prom Queen-Much appreciated
2019-08-18 11:36:50
So many quality uploads. Thank you for all your hard work. :)
2019-05-18 11:53:31
For being a kind & caring uploader.Glad you're with us.😊
2019-02-01 20:52:03
All Good Stuff, Well presented Thanks Man
2018-12-10 10:05:43
Great to have you with us, thank you for sharing with TG :)
2018-11-11 21:11:56
Great to have you here. Great uploads - thanks.
2018-11-06 05:15:20
Good to see you here. Here is +5 and you're all set.
2018-11-05 13:11:40
Welcome aboard mate, great to see you here
2018-11-05 12:30:04
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Thanks, TGXTV, good to have the hi-Q version
2020-01-20 21:08:46
Thanks, TGxTV
2020-01-20 09:23:14
Thanks, ppb1, I've been looking forward to this
2020-01-14 10:12:21
This looks like an unusual film. Thanks, TGxMovies.
2020-01-10 22:53:42
It's seeding 24/7 from my seedbox. Just wait a little and you should get it. If you can't, PM me.
2020-01-04 09:12:32
Thanks, TGxTV. Hi, JAXE...
2019-12-27 08:43:44
Thanks, Goki, looks interesting
2019-12-24 19:25:41
Seeding now. Message me if you can't get it.
2019-12-20 13:36:32
Thanks, TGxTV. Yes, must agree with Reaper, there was something lacking about this series - it's ok but not close to must-watch TV.
2019-12-20 13:32:35
Thanks, TGxMovies. This film isn't getting much likes in the reviews. Caviar for the general, perhaps.
2019-12-18 11:48:56
Thanks, TGxTV
2019-12-18 11:28:32
Thanks, TGxTV. Not a bad series at all, this - doing something refreshing with the tired super-hero genre -
2019-12-16 09:06:59
Season 4! Thank you TGxTV, I'll enjoy this. I do hope it's got lots of Cara Gee / Camina Drummer in it, she's rather fab.
2019-12-13 22:48:59
Thank you for those kind words, PrivateCodex - and for all your comments. It's appreciated and I am glad people in your life have enjoyed them. Thank you also to bigben1 for your comments. Elson.
2019-12-13 22:43:57
Thanks - my bad, I labelled it wrong - have updated -
2019-12-13 09:40:02
Thanks, TGxMovies, I like a bit of sci-fi, me. And I beat JAXE to comment too.
2019-12-11 09:22:37
Some random on imdb called this 'More leftist Hollywood social engineering.' Sounds like my kind of show. Thanks, TGxTV.
2019-12-08 18:34:00
Thanks, TGxTV
2019-12-07 11:17:21
Thanks, TGxTV. Shaping up pretty good, this series and the pleasure is exacerbated by your fine torrents.
2019-12-06 09:40:18
No, it is 720p, the first version I dl'd was 960*540 and I forgot to adjust the title; which I have now done
2019-12-04 00:29:31
Thank-you for this, TGxMovies. Hey jaxe, good to see you here... looks like we have some similar tastes, huh?
2019-12-03 12:37:42
Wow, this looks like utter rubbish. Can't wait to see it. Ta, TGxMovies.
2019-12-02 13:23:04
This one's got pretty bad reviews. But it also has a spaceship. So I'll give it a watch. Thanks, TGxMovies.
2019-11-25 11:42:31

Post preview
Number 2 for me. Made me feel like being on a rollercoaster.
2019-12-21 21:44:51
All good work but number 10 is my choice.
2019-12-21 21:42:24
Hi, I’d like uploader status, please. I’ve been an active uploader for two years plus, first on ExtraTorrent and then on Kat, 1337x and Demonoid. All under the name ElsonRoa. At present I’m o...
2018-11-05 12:03:07
1.05 GB
13/01/20 21:28

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Sure is :) thank you for all your wonderful shares :)
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Welcome to TG, I hope you enjoy the site
2018-11-05 12:27:05
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