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For your excellent powers of deduction
2019-04-08 20:25:29
Huge big ange1 hug for your help hunni :) Thank youuuuuuuu :) xx
2019-04-06 14:29:26
Thanks alot for doing such a great work m8.. appreciate it :)
2019-03-29 21:09:34
once again, pointed me in the right direction. Thanks.
2019-03-29 20:56:45
Thank you for having me! It's a lot of fun!
2019-03-24 13:52:02
Think HB11 forgot one..... So I'm fixing that...... Happy Woman's day 😜😜😜
2019-03-08 22:25:08
For always being there to help this old fart.Cannot say enough about him.Was a wise choice in making you super admin.Thanks for everything.
2019-03-02 16:01:48
For being helpful & patient with this old fart .😊
2019-02-21 02:13:21
+5... always happy to go out of the way to help, staff like this make it a pleasure to be part of this community.
2019-02-17 12:28:47
4k? Those are out dated... Get ready for 8k.....
2019-01-30 14:21:56
always working hard for site hands down to you sir :)
2019-01-20 21:58:25
Thank you hunni :) for your support and help always hugs xo
2019-01-13 09:25:05
for just being crazy like i am but in all honesty i think you are worse. 🀣🀣❀😊😊 also for being a good friend
2019-01-03 17:58:36
back bone of the site always well done thanx
2019-01-03 07:57:34
For a kind personality & wishing you a happy new year. :)
2019-01-01 17:41:23
That must have been a speed record! Hope you don't get a speeding ticket for it. 40+ PM's in less then 5 minutes. Never had sooooo much mail... Lol
2019-01-01 16:12:15
For being a good sport. :)
2018-12-27 14:01:12
for friendship .. five points
2018-12-24 11:33:34
Good Super Admin and thanks for the 5 Points. You get also from me 5 Points.
2018-12-15 10:08:34
Doing an excellent job! keep it up :) As added bonus for the rest of us, with that shield you finally have something to cover up that hideous thong :D.
2018-12-08 22:39:23
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Nice... looks like i will be watching a day early :D Thank you
2019-04-21 19:32:43
Please add 1 line of space between every tracker when creating the torrent as they wont be picked up when the site/client scrapes them. We also recommend 5 to 15 trackers max on torrents. Screens can be added to make your torrents more appealing to...
2019-04-20 13:55:22
Guest 2937 yes srt file is in the folder.
2019-02-14 09:18:57
The shits going to hit the fan at the mention of a BRRip now available lol
2018-12-01 17:20:29
Read NFO from EVO and also a second V2 available Here https://torrentgalaxy.org/torrent/63681/Smallfoot-2018-V2-DVDRip-XviD-AC3-EVO-TGx- NOTES READ: Last source had a few glitches, which can be annoying for some. This V2 is made from a different s...
2018-11-30 20:27:12
Use vlc are compatible device for playback
2018-11-29 17:47:25
100% DVDRip like all the others released but Resolution = 720x304 so they are never going to be as good as a BRRip
2018-11-29 17:46:13
Subs = srt file in the folder
2018-11-29 17:43:24
0 seeds means i can't check the torrent thank you.
2018-11-25 14:35:52
Need to add spaces between each tacker when creating the torrent
2018-11-15 19:57:47
A hash search shows all locations a torrent resides! Any covers-imgs are description you could add would be a bonus, check how others have done it but your choice of course :D
2018-10-06 18:06:32
Watched this last night.. was expecting it to be good but how wrong was I...? can't say to much but thought it was pointless and totally predictable left at the end thinking wtf!
2018-07-14 22:09:06
Great work mick B)
2018-07-13 17:47:06
When creating torrents plz add 1 line of space between trackers as they won't be scraped
2018-06-22 22:40:51
Needed the English subs but thank you
2018-06-07 15:55:53
@ Vafel In the title it says AMZN WEBRip meaning it was taken from Amazon
2018-05-24 09:33:55
Many thanks perfect for a Sunday afternoon with the kids
2018-04-22 18:28:16
Thank you
2018-04-17 18:00:15
Going to wait a little longer until a better audio sauce becomes available rather than the cam audio but many thanks video quality looks great for those who don't mind.
2018-04-16 16:54:27
Post preview
If you get trusted status you can apply/ask permission to add your site links to descriptions
2019-04-22 14:36:12
Game of Thrones S08E02 a day early for me [url]https://torrentgalaxy.org/torrent/121845?posret=Your+comment+was+added+successfully.[/url]
2019-04-21 19:34:06
[quote=alexlibfire] I request verification [/quote] checking
2019-04-20 18:30:28
Glad your sorted I don't stream since kodi went tits up and providers were wanting to pair devices.. as stated it must be the ip you just can't beat good ol Fashioned torrents :D
2019-04-20 18:29:11
Off the top of my head i can only think of a couple of reasons Browser + any Add-ons that might be causing the issue and isp blocks on openload due to location ?
2019-04-20 14:49:24
[quote=MrSky] PLz give me one chanse https://bwt.pw/account-details.php?id=80 http://3evils.com/userdetails.php?id=210 [/quote] Ok 1 chance
2019-04-20 14:43:46
[quote=Wil] Hi, I`m Wil and I love reading books. I live in Wales and we have a lot of rain here but I don`t mind because I can stay indoors and read. Thanks a lot for accepting me as member. :) [/...
2019-04-19 22:24:03
ffs... another thing the kids are going to want lol :-(
2019-04-17 19:01:22
[quote=yerisan710] hi boys............. O:-D:DO:-D [/quote] Checking now m8 might take a little time
2019-04-17 18:50:45
[quote=yerisan710] hello https://1337x.to/user/yerisan710/ https://thepiratebay.org/user/yerisan710/ http://glodls.to/user/Yerisan710 [img]https://extraimage.net/images/2018/12/24/5281b36...
2019-04-16 20:00:22
[quote=darkwebaynss] please enable me to uplaod [/quote] Links to other accounts and what content do you plan on uploading ?
2019-04-16 19:31:24
Sorry no idea :)
2019-04-16 18:31:54
[quote=kingmaker] I am uploader in hon3y and movcr i will share movies and webseries links of my profile [url]https://hon3yhd.net/account-details.php?id=11188[/url] [url]https://movcr.tv/user/ki...
2019-04-15 12:50:07
[quote=Xkyer] hello guys, i am uploader around and want to start share my torrents here in this galaxy so my staff are ebooks series and collections, music mp3 and flac and sometimes good course. ...
2019-04-14 19:45:40
[quote=NewDragon] Hello i'm NewDragon Want share my uploads on https://torrentgalaxy.org https://sukebei.nyaa.si/user/NewDragon [/quote] see pm
2019-04-13 14:53:43
What can we say [user=vtwin88cube] the place wouldn't be the same without you... glad to have you on board :P
2019-04-11 17:39:39
[quote=RobOtje] [quote=LRS] oops i screwed a few up getting the offending post that crashed this section :[email protected] sorry lol [/quote] Never mind. It was just bulls**t. :-) [/quote] Thats maf for ya!...
2019-04-11 15:29:23
oops i screwed a few up getting the offending post that crashed this section :[email protected] sorry lol
2019-04-11 15:24:13
[quote=herovaj] Hello, Im currently uploading on TL, my profile is here https://www.torrentleech.org/profile/HeroVaj#profileTab some stats UPLOADED:345.62 TB DOWNLOADED: 139.27 GB RATIO:...
2019-04-10 18:47:57
[quote=HDFilmBoss] Hello Iam HDFilmBoss Iam From 1337x.to,limetorrents,CrazyHD,Movcr & HDScetor Iam Uploader Am Movies Musics Both Uploader So Sir Can u Get Me Uploader Status To Upload [/quote] ...
2019-04-10 18:45:58
Sorry nothing that we don't already have + you were denied before
2019-04-10 16:31:41
That was for [user=ellobo] lol
2019-04-09 14:09:10
[quote=bigboy12] [quote=ellobo] fuck off? [/quote] Quite the response [user=ellobo] [/quote] I would of used the bold tag might of even went for Large font :o)
2019-04-09 13:56:07
2019-04-07 23:02:50
[quote=MissKitti] [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/MZ5N0bBt/hi.gif[/img][/url] Have you located it yet [user=LRS] ? if not - I have, if you want, I'll download it and upload i...
2019-04-07 14:47:03
Looking the 1st episode of [b]Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine [/b] [b]IMDB: [/b][url]https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9703198/[/url] I believe it aired on the 5th April
2019-04-07 11:30:21
[center] [url=https://www.thetvdb.com/?id=359326&tab=series][img]https://imgmak.com/images/2019/04/06/tmpbanner19292.jpg[/img][/url] [b]Warrior.2019.S01E01.The.Itchy.Onion.720p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1...
2019-04-07 11:18:04
[quote=Ranvijay1234] Hi, Dear Admin Please Grant Me As Uploader https://1337x.to/user/TheFighter/ [/quote] see pm
2019-04-06 14:49:38
You can blame me for the choices made some 1 had to do it :D and they are the ones i thought were best for various reasons. and like it or not I'm well happy with all. Not sure i agree about who has ...
2019-04-06 13:27:21
This member has not uploaded any torrents

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Let me help you with this lol
2019-02-15 19:52:43
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Why miss out
2019-02-14 16:07:55
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Our fresh new Super Admin. Congrats!
2018-11-15 06:03:09
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nn staff
2018-09-07 11:45:05
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Back to class
2018-09-07 09:27:59
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Let's see if you can behave this time :-P
2018-08-24 21:10:02
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Look what I found lying around...
They are feeling lonely so could you please give them alot of TLC.
And I thought that they are a nice addition to your thong.
Whilst on vacation you need to rub plenty of sunblock on them...
When you're back we'll find the owner but until then have fun with them.........

Oooo yeah did I mention that they come with a different color too....
2018-08-10 14:57:36
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Found this smiley in the ol' lost and found box. wiped off the dust and it's as good as new :)
2018-08-08 12:05:59
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2018-08-07 15:17:14
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For all the good work, help and wit in the forums
2018-05-24 21:52:51
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Made mod 4/25/2018 RTP
2018-04-25 21:50:29
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Known from ET
2018-04-14 01:03:21
New user
Account created successfully!
2018-04-13 23:20:26

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