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Thank-you for a thoughtful Birthday greeting!
2019-10-11 17:30:27
Here`s 3 just so you think of me the next time jelly slides down your throat LOL.
2019-09-08 21:16:15
For my being a pain in the ass.😁😁
2019-09-02 19:04:41
Spam and run.... Yeah, typical.... :P
2019-09-02 18:22:31
+5 because you deserve it. Your awesomeness is unbound Your efforts and hard work deserve 5 points from everyone everyday. ( you should have millions :-* ) Your magnificence is unbridled in all you do every day to make TGx the greatest site in the Galaxy
2019-08-23 16:20:49
For being a good friend and leader, Congrats on success pal God Bless You ☺️
2019-08-09 19:04:48
Thanks for keep site up to date. I gave you something in return, and you know why. Have a nice day!
2019-08-09 01:42:33
a celebration gift for the milestone
2019-08-08 22:19:20
10.000 members :) awesome to be here with such wonderful family xx
2019-08-08 06:50:04
For being a great leader.
2019-08-07 12:57:38
10000. Congrats on this milestone
2019-08-07 09:32:45
Always working 5 points πŸ™ƒ
2019-08-06 05:03:32
For being you hunni :) Great fun always, thank you :) The force is with you my brother hee hee xx
2019-08-04 22:49:14
for a lovely tongue~twister Munificent Important Outlook Kindle
2019-08-02 13:42:34
Just because I can 🀣
2019-07-31 19:44:15
Thanks for welcoming me to the site LRS :)
2019-07-30 18:20:11
Look who's been a naughty boy... lol
2019-07-28 10:34:41
Welcome back m8. Now behave or the block will be permanent
2019-07-28 10:04:48
5 points, I'm not sure there is a language on planet Earth that can express how much we all appreciate the very, very big job you do, and for all the friendly help & advice you give people.
2019-07-27 14:18:54
Hi :) thanks for the welcome ... +5 back at ya ! enjoy the weekend :)
2019-07-20 12:22:12
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Fixed, thank you dfl3506 :)
2019-10-18 13:32:30
Cheers m8, my daughter loves these :)
2019-10-10 20:33:30
Already here sherb ;)
2019-09-01 22:02:07
100% working fine both stream and torrent
2019-08-27 14:47:29
HDSam: As you can see by the screenshots it still has intrusive ads that are not cut out/blurred like the rest, more info at the bottom here:
2019-08-09 17:48:35
Cheers grenadier5659 Downloading now :D
2019-08-07 16:15:42
lol boony Thanks for the share TGxMovies, quick glance audio and video look spot on
2019-08-07 12:53:53
Thank you Guest-3493
2019-08-05 10:56:20
As stated by Guest-1135 Not English! It's Spanish
2019-07-19 17:05:51
Can't connect to check
2019-06-27 13:16:19
No worries she's onthat... Tpikol I couldn't help myself lol :)
2019-06-19 20:47:11
Edited, thank you struss feel free to report any that have the wrong info :)
2019-06-19 18:32:27
Make sure to add a line of space between every tracker please for better site stats :)
2019-06-18 16:59:38
Plenty of room in our forums and a whole topic dedicated to 1xbet if you want to have your say ;)
2019-06-17 16:01:31
checking Edit: working fine for me with vlc, try updating your player.
2019-06-14 13:54:13
Screens look good, thanks :P
2019-06-14 13:29:22
Don't forget to add 1 line of space between trackers :)
2019-06-14 09:27:01
lol Guests :)
2019-06-10 16:28:32
Thank you, not a bad movie well worth a watch and good quality all round.
2019-06-10 09:23:29
A quick preview and looking good... :P Thank you
2019-05-28 13:27:42
Cheers Big Ears :D
2019-05-27 14:33:40
V2 is normaly a fixed version for what ever issues with the 1st realease NFO from the V2 says :EXTRA NOTES: Minor glitch at 50 minutes, happens for 1 minute. (buffer issues) Its a source thing. Nothing major.
2019-05-13 12:01:36
Another great job by the master himself... Thank you very much cry's
2019-05-09 19:38:40
He's 100% the real deal Guest-2351 :D Older RB torrents here
2019-04-29 10:52:41
Thanks for the feedback Guest-2985 might give it a try myself :)
2019-04-28 11:12:27
Added to the collection ready for a binge watch, thanks :)
2019-04-28 11:08:39
Big gap for this sequel but lets see if it is as good as the 1st.. cheers :)
2019-04-28 11:03:07
Post preview
Welcome aboard [user=honey01] :P
2019-10-18 14:26:44
Happy Birthday joel hope it's a good 1 :P
2019-10-17 20:49:17
[quote=extremlym] Hello i wont to Upload HERE! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D [/quote] See pm
2019-10-17 16:25:32
[quote=B4ND1T69] [quote=LRS] Can't believe other Countries got it 1st though 8o what are we paying for..? [/quote] LBGTQ Strictly Come Dancing8o:-):-):-):facepalm:facepalm Lesbian/Gay/Non-Gender ...
2019-10-17 12:49:59
Can't believe other Countries got it 1st though 8o what are we paying for..?
2019-10-17 08:38:16
When creating the torrent you need to add 1 empty line of space between trackers and why they are not displayed, some clients also have issues picking up on them but i always found utorrent is better...
2019-10-16 18:54:57
See pm please
2019-10-16 17:06:09
Best wishes on your Birthday and I hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires.
2019-10-16 16:35:35
Best wishes for your special day QueenB [img][/img]
2019-10-15 15:41:26
Hello [user=kwweekum] Do you mean your getting the Galaxy Fence page ? [url][/url]
2019-10-14 20:21:27
A word of warning to those who may be unhappy about "the galaxy fence" [size=4][spoiler=Disclaimer: [color=red]No members were harmed in the making of this post[/color]]Don't try urinating on it a...
2019-10-14 14:42:19
[center] [b][size=5]And on tonight's menu[/size][/b] [size=5][b]El.Camino.A.Breaking.Bad.Movie[/b][/size] [youtube][/youtube] [b][size=4]After escap...
2019-10-11 09:40:21
Best wishes on your Birthday [user=Oss] hope it's a good one.
2019-10-10 12:38:42
2019-10-09 20:02:26
[quote=SkTaRa] [size=4][color=purple]Dear sir plz,Verified my all torrent and change my uploader rank thank you...[/color][/size] [/quote] Ok but torrents will still be checked on occasions.. than...
2019-10-09 17:17:08
See pm please [user=1Edge]
2019-10-08 18:24:18
ok lets take a look welcome aboard :)
2019-10-08 14:22:52
Filezilla for me also but only for devices on my network. No seedbox for me i figured i don't need 1 when the missus gets the internet bill and any possible future infringement letters. pmsl :facepalm
2019-10-06 18:57:43
Hello, no ratios here were are not a private tracker
2019-10-01 19:42:16
All this for candy crush saga..? :P
2019-10-01 13:44:19
Best wishes sherb hope it's been a good 1 ;)
2019-09-30 17:49:28
lol :facepalm
2019-09-26 12:37:35
[quote=edward05] Hi please verify my torrents [/quote] You only need to post when you get an error msg and can't upload any more
2019-09-26 10:10:06
[quote=trueHD] Can You give Permission Uploading Here.please approved me Hi there I want to upload movie torrents in you website. I will be greatfull if you give me a chance to upload here. Here are ...
2019-09-26 09:39:34
[quote=ZeeshiGN] Yes due to adfly links, i wasn't aware of it that time, and it will be a lot of torrents to edit so I stop uploading, wont use those links again. [/quote] See pm.
2019-09-23 18:30:01
@ [user=ZeeshiGN] You were blocked later
2019-09-23 18:05:29
At the minute i can't even say it is that but only suspect it as a starting point..I'm totally clueless about most things along these lines and the labels put on them.
2019-09-21 21:55:50
Another issue (that's been hell on earth these last few weeks) and something i have been totally blind to as well as dismissive, ignorant and lacking any knowledge or understanding of at all is A.D.H....
2019-09-21 21:32:34
Wish we had more help here in the uk i have 2 family members who suffer from anxiety really bad but both in different ways as you said earlier 1 is more the fight while the other is more the flight.
2019-09-21 20:59:16
[quote=shinigami] Howdy!! strangers. really unhappy with the demise of MKVCAGE who was my source of entertainment for at least 4 years 8o. hope i find new home here :facepalm [/quote] Welcome t...
2019-09-17 19:54:25
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2019-08-31 23:38:13
Userblock lifted.
Having a wild weekend, arent we ?
2019-07-27 23:23:08
:_blocked: Permanent userblock
lol will it? wont it? :P
2019-07-27 22:35:20
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you having too much fun with them
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Let me help you with this lol
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Why miss out
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Let's see if you can behave this time :-P
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When you're back we'll find the owner but until then have fun with them.........

Oooo yeah did I mention that they come with a different color too....
2018-08-10 14:57:36
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Found this smiley in the ol' lost and found box. wiped off the dust and it's as good as new :)
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2018-04-14 01:03:21
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