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2020-09-23 18:39:34
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2020-09-19 07:21:04
5 for a super weekend (Yummy)
2020-07-10 15:37:28
5 for the link, appreciated
2020-05-09 16:17:11
2020-04-24 15:34:28
For helping member requests 👍 a true Pirate 🦋
2020-03-12 19:14:30
2019-12-23 17:53:45
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family my Friend :)
2019-11-29 04:32:32
Thanks for helping the site by reporting spammers
2019-11-15 20:21:02
Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback/comments, much appreciated by all.
2019-11-12 16:34:22
thanks for finding it not many would have kept looking :)
2019-10-14 18:48:43
coll thanks for the heads up :)
2019-09-10 17:39:59
Cheers for taking the time to leave little messages and rating rating torrents
2019-08-26 15:23:41
Stand up guy.
2019-08-14 20:42:40
Thank you for being so helpful : )
2019-05-16 02:58:40
Here's the 5 LMT forgot
2018-10-12 13:11:50
Welcome to TGx and love your user name..
2018-10-11 18:55:02
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I got to watch this as reruns as a kid in the mid 70's and was just glued to the TV with every episode. For it's time it's a fantastic series. I def will be rewatching it now. Thanks for the upload.
2020-09-23 13:08:18
I got to watch this a little wile back with subtitles that weren't the greatest, but passable. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the English version, much appreciated.
2020-09-22 13:23:25
Thanks at the top of my wanted movies list and some how I missed it completely. :-*
2020-09-18 17:57:50
Thanks been waiting for this, much appreciated.
2020-09-18 14:05:40
Thanks, looks very promising.
2020-09-15 19:43:11
Thank you I haven't seen this in years. I know I will enjoy seeing it again.
2020-09-11 18:10:04
WOW was figuring this would be a week out at minimum, thank.
2020-09-10 17:52:07
@GhostRider COOOOOL thanks for the heads up on Amazon. I can just use that to manually name them.
2020-09-03 20:38:16
OK just went to rename the files and there seems to be confusion on what's what per season. You have 23 episodes for season 1. TheTVDB, TheMDB, and TVMaze all say 19 episodes for season 1. Wikipedia says 14 episodes for season 1. The so called offic...
2020-09-03 16:35:28
@Guest-1502 is just another example of why guest should not be allowed to comment. @GhostRider FANTASTIC upload. Thank you ever so much, and YES PLEASE to 2 and 3. Thanks again, greatly appreciated.
2020-09-03 15:27:15
"wow fast download..under two minutes,thanks" @johnnysnake:_male: With all the ads in the movie the fact that it downloaded in under 2 minutes is probably the ONLY thing you will like about it.
2020-08-31 12:03:43
Sounds like any cult including the Republican party/
2020-08-31 11:57:37
Have a friend that downloads cams. About 1 out of 10 he claims it's as good as a dvdrip. Of course it's not. Just makes me want to neat him to death with his keyboard.
2020-08-31 01:35:04 In my book now a days you release world wide on the same day or don't release it at all.
2020-08-31 00:15:17
Thanks, much appreciated.
2020-08-28 13:43:49
Great find, thanks
2020-08-25 14:14:57
"This movie sucked. It's nowhere close to the original. More like a South Korean Fast & Furious and not a very good imitation either." @jaxe we already know you hate everything. As for the first movie it was DAMN GOOD.
2020-08-24 22:39:36
Another one that 90% non-English. Great job of misinforming people of the language.
2020-08-24 22:29:45
Just what Doctor Giggles order. Thanks much.
2020-08-21 17:28:50
Thanks, greatly appreciated.
2020-08-20 23:25:41
This looks to be promising. Thanks
2020-08-20 00:24:12
For those who haven't seen this yet it is well worth the watch. I got my hands on it about 2 weeks after it finished airing. 14 episodes with 2 to 3 episodes dedicated to each State., which leave plenty of room for another 2 to 3 seasons. Enjoy
2020-08-20 00:19:20
Thanks, greatly appreciated.:-*
2020-08-18 16:53:55
The above said Thank you, very much appreciated.
2020-08-17 19:13:21
Thanks, much appreciated
2020-08-17 19:04:23
This is a great movie for those that haven't seen it. Watched it back when it originally was released and have a copy of my own.
2020-08-04 23:35:01
AH one of @jaxe 's FAVORITE movies. I think he likes it as much as he does garlic and onions. :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P
2020-08-03 13:14:53
I fell asleep reading the synopsis.
2020-08-03 13:13:11
More like "Show So Horrid". Just from the two screens I'd give the show a -10.
2020-08-03 13:11:25
Post preview
Raised By Wolves (2020) S01E08 Raised Ny Wolves (2020) S01E09 [b]This series is better than a sleeping pill.[/b]
2020-09-25 12:25:34
The Invaders (1967) Seasons 1 & 2 My Favorite Martian (1963) Season 1 Ghosts (2019) Seasons 1 & 2 Ashfall (2020) English dubbed
2020-09-23 15:08:15
Looking for My Favorite Martian (1963) seasons 2 and 3. I got season 1 lightning fast, but I'm having no luck finding the other two seasons. Thanks
2020-09-23 15:02:13
Departure (2019) season 1 Lovecraft Country (2020) S01E06
2020-09-22 13:25:55
I'm looking for Winstep Xtreme or Winstep Nexus Ultimate 18.8 or newer precracked not a activator. Thanks
2020-09-20 19:12:09
Project Power (2020)
2020-09-20 13:51:51
Anyone have a much better of "Blade The Iron Cross" than what's post in the site already? Thanks [youtube]
2020-09-18 18:04:14
Raised By Wolves (2020) S01E04 - S01E07 The Boys S02E05 Ratched Season 1 Lovecraft Country S01E05 Antebellum (2020)
2020-09-18 14:11:14
[quote=Xorn] Away episode 1 and 2. Going to watch 3rd one now. I love it:D I love those sci-fi that's "what if?" in a realistic kinda way [/quote] Thought the first season was great.
2020-09-12 20:49:51
The Gift (2019) season 2 if it ever gets posted anywhere.
2020-09-12 13:35:19
[quote=Csabaxb] Ava.2020.BDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO[TGx] Time.Bandits.1981.REMASTERED.1080p.BluRay.x265-RARBG [/quote] Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I completely forgot about this movie. Will have to ...
2020-09-11 18:08:52
The 100 S07E132 Raised By Wolves (2020) S01E04 Ava (2020) Blade The Iron Cross (2020) The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)
2020-09-11 00:07:56
The Boys S02E01, S02E02, S02E03 Lovecraft Country S01E04 The Owners (2020) Blood Quantum (2019)
2020-09-05 22:29:18
[quote=themseljr6] is the latest Ghost Adventures Screaming Room coming soon? S02 E06 Camp Fear or is it in the process? [/quote] Please do not post asking for something that hasn't aired yet. The...
2020-09-04 13:10:46
Freaks: You're One Of Us 2020 Raised By Wolves S01E01, S01E02, S01E03
2020-09-03 15:12:09
@jaxe I think most like myself got Inception just fine on the first go around. Sloborn Season 1 Lovecraft Country S01E03 Sputnik 2020
2020-09-02 00:23:43
[quote=bombegranate] [img][/img] [size=5]Really enjoyable movie![/size] [/quote] Some great Movies coming out of Russia and Sout...
2020-08-31 21:11:41
Funny their site is still there and loading as fast as ever.I just checked even thought I was in there yesterday.
2020-08-30 13:59:40
Can someone please post "Train To Busan 2: Peninsula" webrip That is actually in English, or at least dual audio with English as one of the audio tracks. Thanks @jaxe I had a go at finding that for...
2020-08-24 22:36:10
[quote=Xkyer] I alredy watch first two episodes, but can't find others and like i see ppls have watched them all season. can i upload first two episodes? edit: i found something... https://torren...
2020-08-22 12:59:37
[quote=Xkyer] please, Teheran (2020) - thank you. [/quote] This does not air till the 25th of September. The thread is only for things that have FINISH...
2020-08-21 22:02:09
[quote=sudira] Does anyone have Prison Break? Season 1-5 ?? Please upload webrip/bluray. Thanks a lot. [/quote] Want to post in the correct request thread? Thanks
2020-08-20 00:26:40
[quote=karelynn] Does anyone have an English version of unhinged 2020? Have only seen Hindi/other dubbed versions on Galaxy so far... Like [/quote] Folks once again the various request threads A...
2020-08-16 14:01:28
I'm looking for Suddenly 2013 [size=5][b]THANKS[/b][/size]
2020-08-16 00:10:08
still looking for Killer Camp 2019 S01E03. Thanks
2020-08-15 12:41:01
[quote=isheikh11] need this korean tv show [/quote] If you cannot post the name of the show then do not post at all. It's rude to make pee...
2020-08-14 12:25:41
[quote=battlestar] Weird episodes, each one is only about 9 minutes. [/quote] 50 States Of Fright from them was short episodes with 2 to 3 episodes dedicated to each state and they did a good job ...
2020-08-14 03:33:48
[quote=jaxe] [quote=LeftistDirtBag] [size=4][b]still needing the English release for The Fugitive episodes 1 - 7 now. Thanks[/b][/size] [/quote]
2020-08-14 03:31:16
[size=4][b]still needing the English release for The Fugitive episodes 1 - 7 now. Thanks[/b][/size]
2020-08-12 12:30:11
[quote=QueenB] [size=4][color=#F778A1][b][i]I am watching.......Bieb :-@:-@[/i][/b][/color][/size] [img][/img] [/quote] You're watch Bleb and no...
2020-08-07 19:48:08
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"Am getting so sick and tired of hearing people complain BE THANKFUL for the fact we still get shit man. IT'S COVID SEASON it's kinda difficult to get the next best thing out when covid is still about. I don't expect to see anything major to happen for a while but the fact we still get at least something. something is better than nothing. so to the uploaders, please on behalf of these moronic ignorant immature pathetic idiots, I would like to thank you for providing us with the continued wave of uploads. these movies might not be the best and might have bad acting or whatever case may be.. but the fact it's still better than in these difficult struggling times, it IS still nice to see we are being gifted with these continued uploads. so thank you uploaders. you are all doing a great job. keep up the good work. and thank you. to everyone bitching just stop running your mouth and just say thank you. shut your mouths. grow the hell up and show some bloody respect."

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Guest-9305 Please put down the Drano filled crack pipe and step away. Since when is 8.1 worst than 6.1? From the trailer this looks promising. Thanks for the upload.
2020-09-23 07:12:24
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Guest-9305 Please put down the Drano filled crack pipe and step away. Since when is 8.1 worst than 6.1? From the trailer this looks promising. Thanks for the upload.
2020-09-23 07:10:59
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"more trash for those that love and appreciate trash!"

@catminister you must of been referring to your self and not the movie.
2020-09-19 13:19:44
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Review like this is Not needed
2020-09-19 08:37:24
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"more trash for those that love and appreciate trash!"

Must be referring to yourself. As for the movie I thank the poster, much appreciated.

@Guest 2181, @Markaajv is right only TROLLS do.
2020-09-19 08:30:16
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