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Top quality uploader and respected old friend from ET and tpb
2020-06-11 20:08:59
2020-04-24 15:24:46
Hope you and yours are having a wonderful Easter! 🐇
2020-04-12 17:30:15
Happy Easter kid . . . Stay Safe out there
2020-04-11 13:29:34
Would like to say thank you for the variety of torrents that you offer, so thank you!! ☆¸¸ ️‍.•*¨*♫♪✿☆•*´ `°•.♥
2020-04-02 16:50:00
valued trusted uploader with mega cred to his name. Good uploads good quality as always!
2020-03-16 07:25:34
+5 for providing me with with some killer tunes (500 Killers pt1 & pt2) Thanks kid.👍
2020-02-11 16:46:19
Love the Killer 500. In Rock We Trust :)
2020-01-28 00:03:33
In memory of Neil Peart. R.I.P. Long live The Analog Kid :)
2020-01-11 23:46:44
Happy new year hunni hope its a fantastic one and thank you for all your uploads :) xx
2020-01-06 07:38:18
thanx for you site help nice to hear from a Kat member sure miss it you take care and Happy New Year
2020-01-02 10:47:31
Wishing you a happy and healthy 2020! Thank you for sharing so much music with us. :)
2020-01-02 06:21:53
Happy New Year and thanks for the great tunes! :)
2020-01-02 02:40:40
Happy New Year my Friend - I wish you good health and lasting prosperity.....
2020-01-02 00:48:54
May the new chapter of your life be even better than the last. Have a wonderful New Year my Friend !!
2020-01-01 13:37:05
Thank you for supporting TG's artists by voting on the Halloween banner competition.
2019-10-25 19:39:35
Thanks for all the great music that you've shared over the years my Friend (òÓ,)_\,,/
2019-09-18 06:51:22
High quality uploader with great taste in music. Lucky to have you m8! Cheers :)
2019-04-22 20:57:40
Yes my friend you Got it,
2019-01-21 10:31:38
for great music & friendship ... five points
2018-12-24 11:37:38
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And have you seen and heard the so called top 100 lately? The same could be said for most all of it. So whats the point?
2020-07-28 07:08:53
I live to share music
2020-06-05 18:50:05
New Improved 320k
2020-05-17 18:19:58
Where Im at is good the "social distancing" is working, if it cant find a host it dies! In some ways it don't feel real cause where Im at no one is sick, everything is normal other than mitigation. So I look at NY, Detroit or NOLA and that's real....
2020-04-06 11:56:46
To many are preaching fear and conspiracy crap and ratcheting up the levels to insanity. When the sheeple get scared is when we will see the true tragedy. And Corona V wont be the main player. The FEAR however will bring on the worst events that wil...
2020-03-22 17:42:01
The flu comes every year and kills thousands just like clockwork. Now it comes and they acting like its the Stand. So which is it? Its FEAR and FEAR kills more people than Death.
2020-03-21 07:22:01
It is Reseeded now
2020-03-17 11:23:39
Wrong place to ask that question guest:bad
2020-03-13 00:13:43
Im sharing what I love and listen to myself Im glad to see others also enjoy the selections. Plus they make great background of life listening. ...
2020-02-11 21:28:18
Don't see many WT shows out there but when I find a good one I'll share it.B)
2020-02-04 21:27:38
The first one is pretty much basic cause if that one was not familiar than the following would be even more so. If that makes any kind of sense.B)
2020-01-29 15:21:17
I made it, whats the confusion?
2020-01-27 08:34:06
Usually dont say much but now and again I give props to those who like my shares. But its 2020 which sounds and looks so strange I feel like its the Outer Limits or something. [url=][img]
2020-01-03 01:33:34
Unbelievable pram got almost 8000 hits we wasting our time.
2019-10-10 23:09:06
We are fortunate that he left behind many live recordings to enjoy
2019-10-01 09:14:13
The real cool part is since I like everything I share so its not even work. B)
2019-09-24 14:43:16
Heres another for ya Robb It is Deluxed and ready to rip
2019-09-24 04:00:23
Its kinda sad that this share hardly made a ripple . I guess the peeps have forgotton already. Thanx for comment.
2019-08-10 03:16:37
I see the posers posted sooner they can show how much they love the music by posting Kanye West or some similar next.
2019-08-06 11:45:21
I guess it was time for the Brothers Im the only one left sharing em. Ill make it a at least Monthly deal. Make sure to remind me if I forget. I don't automate anything. Thats how I keep it real
2019-07-31 16:43:21
Did ya see this coming?
2019-07-31 02:58:03
Thankx guys they make the music, I just find ways to package it that compliment the style. Last time they were releasing new album I was just starting to grasp what uploading was all about. Time flies 2 weeks or less for We Are Not Your Kind
2019-07-25 10:34:21
By now Im sure that someone has noticed that the last track is not Down By The River. With all the DBTR I figured that Some one needed to Say Take me to the River. Anyway there was the hook. How else could a seemingly throwaway cover of “Take Me ...
2019-07-24 17:41:59
I totally understand, His passing deeply saddened me. I had been collecting shows from him with SG ,Audioslave also the Temple of The Dog shows and his solo shows . So I will be able to brighten up the day from time to time with them. I already have...
2019-06-20 05:48:22
Your welcome cRAYzB)
2019-06-12 19:12:04
all extra image now had not been here for awhile
2019-05-23 13:37:44
As I live and breathe I came to share
2019-05-18 10:44:35 This will take you back to good times. It sure did for me
2019-05-10 19:05:13
But still better than anything in the top 100 what can ya do?
2019-05-09 06:54:22
They did have other releases which I will also Share.
2019-05-04 03:57:28

Post preview
I caught up on my uploading today at Kat. Its taking forever to work on that site but take your time and do it right. Right?
2020-08-22 16:13:19
[quote=battlestar] While none of it anything I have any real interest in, Im curious what you believe deleting them is actually achieving ? [/quote] Of course the content is not at fault Its the nam...
2020-08-22 04:20:29
This is as ugly as it can get he runs a site to share torrents and he perverted it into a trap. That is the wages of sin. The guy who I wont name cause I see that aint working here. He is a perfect ex...
2020-08-21 15:18:07
I made an account with imgbb and it seems the same as extraimage so thanks for the recommend. Wish there was a way transfer all my images over. But that would be to easy...
2020-04-24 13:20:37
I started using extraimage back when Extratorrent asked us to and it has been great. But lately it has been down alot and when its down every image posted using it are also gone wherever they are/wer...
2020-04-22 00:03:40
What an interesting conversation. Torrent Editor yes it ajax fails... but if you have a list of good trackers on a notepad you can swap out the bad trackers and it works you just cant see the live ...
2020-01-02 07:10:46
There were many good ones and I grabbed about half of em and used in different pieces in some of my ongoing projects. Good stuff all. I do wonder a lil bit if the voting numbers would be any differen...
2019-11-02 04:32:50
They all put in time and work and it was hard to pick but I had to go with [size=5][color=red]3[/color][/size] I miss this one though... [url=][img]https://extraima...
2019-10-25 08:29:48
I got one for ya God and Ulster its Retagging. Feel free to pm me.
2019-08-26 01:16:38
I was reading about the zone where the people stopped the Airport but man did they ever pay the price. Ouch there are some huge issues in France. Peace.
2019-08-26 01:10:10
Sad but it does happen in p2p. I had only been there a few months when It went. I did recognize some issues but. No matter who you were It was noob status. Until you could launch a lot of HQ shares. W...
2019-08-26 01:05:23
how big a screen does a phone have? Its what they all watch
2019-07-27 05:42:01
Well done , Im reminded of A Clockwork Orange "They couldn't rehabilitate us so they made us cops". And me? I only came to share... That's my story and Im sticking to it.
2019-07-18 04:45:09
Deep 61 I remember you from Kat V-1 and WWT (for about 5 seconds) It did not last long by the time I found it.. This is a good place although WWT would not allow its name to be spoken LOL. Now your ...
2019-07-18 04:33:37
I remember your avatar. You and it have landed in a collection of sharers from all over the place. A gathering of unique individuals. Welcome
2019-07-18 04:22:08
WWT was A particular site. They would not recognize me as an uploader. Had me as a Noob apprentice beginning trial uploader. I just got the next stage than off line they went. Tough Room. Otherwise I...
2019-07-17 11:31:21
So far as an Exclusive share the only place where I pulled it off was not even limetorrents who handles torrent distro for them did not pick it up, yet still supplied 1337x with the torrent....
2019-07-17 04:44:41
Demonoid has risen from the abyss I have been restored to VIP status and Regs. are OPEN Welcome back
2019-07-17 04:23:32
I was only at TPB and Torrent reactor and met Ron while I was chasing a site hopping troll. I was stillmostly a noob cause at the time I was not really aware or how the torrent world really worked. th...
2019-02-10 23:42:37
[quote] [color=red][b]Note:[/color] Changing the trackers on your torrent or torrents will not change the trackers displayed here on site. It will only change the trackers in your BitTorrent client[/b...
2019-01-20 19:50:31
seems to be dead again
2019-01-20 19:40:07
I had not heard of this editor (BitTorrent Tracker Editor) before thankx
2018-11-10 21:25:06
Thats whats great about torrent sites that have PM's. Its how I got here
2018-10-06 22:05:46
I wont say Its gone forever I been around long enough to see it come back from awhile. But I was/am a VIP uploader there and I say this site is good and has a true community of uploaders and mods from...
2018-10-06 11:01:08
Yes a good mix of Kat and ET. Now if someone could lure Bubanee into appearing
2018-07-29 05:05:59
Best torrent site created In a long time, a community based Site instead of the automated nightmares that seem to to be everywhere. I look forward to many years of this site. It is definitely headed ...
2018-06-25 03:37:56
123.14 MB
28/08/20 00:26
120.26 MB
18/07/20 10:01
103.12 MB
11/06/20 05:51
136.86 MB
28/05/20 09:42
126.75 MB
27/05/20 02:21
97.79 MB
26/05/20 21:10

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A credit to torrentgalaxy thank you :
2018-10-06 19:58:05
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Sure is thank you for your wonderful shares :)
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by QueenB:_trusted_user::_sitefriend::_female::_boob::_sitelover::_junkie::_kitty::_sun::_turtle:
    on 2020-09-18 19:57:41
It was a busy week
Image posted (hover mouse here to see)

So now we can enjoy....
Image posted (hover mouse here to see)
:) :( :D :P :-) B) 8o :? 8) ;) :-* :-( :| O:-D :-@ :facepalm :o) brb :warn :help :bad :love :idea :bomb :!
by analogkid6103:_trusted_uploader::_sitefriend::_male::_sitelover::_junkie::_turtle:
    on 2020-08-22 03:45:38
A Days Pay
Image posted (hover mouse here to see)
Pay The Man
:) :( :D :P :-) B) 8o :? 8) ;) :-* :-( :| O:-D :-@ :facepalm :o) brb :warn :help :bad :love :idea :bomb :!
by analogkid6103:_trusted_uploader::_sitefriend::_male::_sitelover::_junkie::_turtle:
    on 2020-08-21 02:18:53
Image posted (hover mouse here to see)
Liked by - Mafketel:_admin::_male:
:) :( :D :P :-) B) 8o :? 8) ;) :-* :-( :| O:-D :-@ :facepalm :o) brb :warn :help :bad :love :idea :bomb :!
by Ange1:_moderator::_female::_sitelover::_sun:
    on 2020-08-13 07:46:39
Image posted (hover mouse here to see)

Liked by - analogkid6103:_trusted_uploader::_sitefriend::_male::_sitelover::_junkie::_turtle:
:) :( :D :P :-) B) 8o :? 8) ;) :-* :-( :| O:-D :-@ :facepalm :o) brb :warn :help :bad :love :idea :bomb :!
by analogkid6103:_trusted_uploader::_sitefriend::_male::_sitelover::_junkie::_turtle:
    on 2020-06-11 21:27:00
A comment board how curious. I remember having something like this at old Kat. Guess its time to find others boards and share with them LOL!
:) :( :D :P :-) B) 8o :? 8) ;) :-* :-( :| O:-D :-@ :facepalm :o) brb :warn :help :bad :love :idea :bomb :!
by Mafketel:_admin::_male:
    on 2020-06-12 13:30:53
Let the madness begin:-@:-@:-@
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