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Miss you a lot around the chat BB, hope you're having a great weekend with your brothers :)
2019-07-21 13:04:27
get smokin boy weed half price lol
2019-07-19 22:47:53
Hugs hunni because you deserve it, thank you for being you and supporting me :) your a star xx
2019-07-18 07:13:30
For the wonderful mod you have become
2019-07-18 01:12:53
For being a thoughtful, loving, wonderful man and an exemplary person. My sweet vampire I think you're fantastic :)
2019-07-17 10:20:02
Well...what can I say Like you a lot....had usual 😘
2019-07-16 08:55:49
Hello :) thanks so much for the welcome!
2019-07-16 01:09:43
For the last comment pmsl
2019-07-12 20:35:27
2019-07-07 19:47:42
For being such a great friend and fellow staff member. :)
2019-07-07 19:08:27
Since his eyes are all bloodshot he fancies himself a vampire expert and is suspiciously knowledgeable about the reproductive habits of vampires. Thank you for the master class in Vampirology lmao.
2019-07-07 17:03:56
Always up for a giggle in the chatbox, a damn good friend too. You put a lot of time and effort into TGx and if you're stuck with something you're not afraid to ask for help. You are one of a kind bb.
2019-07-07 16:08:06
hard ass worker hands down to you sir
2019-07-02 00:18:27
Thanks alot deat for wish me Birthday :) once again thanks , u r so generous
2019-06-28 17:35:11
U gonna make this site no 1 soon IA :)
2019-06-05 15:08:03
You deserve more than we can ever give. Always thinking of the well-being of others and having to put up with my nonsense all the time. Thanks for being here and for being there when I need to talk. But most of all for being a friend.
2019-06-04 19:32:49
Thanks for the Kind words Dear :)
2019-06-03 16:59:59
2019-06-03 13:44:42
for your shout box work with well you know!! and for being every where all the time a great mod and a joy
2019-06-02 13:49:28
Thanks for the help (and patience) with that particular upload :)
2019-05-27 00:17:53
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Thank you,Megan Fox,will have to see if it's decent. lol Appreciate all the work .:)
2019-07-19 16:03:49
Thanks TGxMovies A/V8
2019-07-19 16:01:32
Thanks & super job imo.Much appreciated. :)
2019-07-18 19:27:41
Thank you TGxMovies. A/V 8.Looks like a good one. :)
2019-07-18 16:07:31
Thank you, could end up being good.:)
2019-07-16 14:55:09
Thank you TGxMovies my kind of movie.A/V 8 :)
2019-07-15 20:20:51
Thanks,great job on A/V. Not a bad story worth the watch.
2019-07-15 01:14:45
Thank you TGxMovies ,wife will love this one .Much appreciated.
2019-07-14 15:11:41
Thanks ,good job.:)
2019-07-12 23:24:57
Thank you TGXMovies ,looks interesting.A/V 8.:)
2019-07-12 21:32:35
Thank you TGxMovies, incredible of work .A/V 10 across the board. imo. Much appreciated. :)
2019-07-11 17:50:55
Thank you TGxMovies nice job.A/V 8 imo. :)
2019-07-11 01:09:12
Thanks ,nice job.Wife will enjoy this.:)
2019-07-08 20:13:51
Great piece of work TGxMovies full points for this one.Much appreciated. :)
2019-07-08 19:04:21
Thanks TGx Movies.May end up being good.Much appreciated. :)
2019-07-08 01:37:19
Thanks juggs ,appreciate your work. A/V 8. :)
2019-07-07 22:24:27
Thank you . Will give this a go.A/V 8
2019-07-06 13:54:45
Thank you,looks good after quick scan.:)
2019-07-05 17:25:06
Thanks, good job.Lundgren has had his day for sure.But I still enjoy "He Man" lol
2019-07-05 17:23:58
Thank you,good job as usual. a/v 8.Much appreciated. :)
2019-07-05 16:26:37
Thanks TGxMovies,great job. @ Guest-1889,don't know what you are looking at ,this is an HD rip as stated.
2019-07-04 17:29:11
Awesome copy TGxMovies ,thank you. @ Guest-2110 ,great piece of work imo.
2019-07-04 16:17:39
Thanks BurtonC, last time I saw this was a black & white you posted a few years back.Copy is very good.Thanks again ..:)
2019-07-03 00:52:31
Thanks TGxMovies, great job on a/v.Much appreciated..:)
2019-07-03 00:08:27
Thank you TGxMovies ,love these cheesy movies. A/V 8..:)
2019-07-02 23:31:26
Thank you , a/v 8. :)
2019-07-02 02:39:53
Thank you TGxTV,good job.My niece will be a happy lady.Much appreciated. :)
2019-07-02 02:20:35
Thank you TGxMovies,nice job. And thank you also Reaper for input .Had doubts on it but you changed my mind.:)
2019-06-30 17:43:40
Thank you TGxMovies ,great piece of work.Full points on this.imo..:)
2019-06-30 16:47:28
Thanks B4ND1T69.Super job imo.Appreciate your time & effort. :)
2019-06-30 02:16:59
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[size=4][color=blue][i]Time for my bed.Good night TGx family.Sleep well..:):love[/i][/color][/size]
2019-07-20 02:40:36
[quote=Chelsea] [quote=Mafketel] [quote=miok] Congratulations Deep. I know for a fact they won't regret putting you on staff Well deserved buddy ! [/quote] When are you going to apply.... B)B) [/q...
2019-07-19 17:00:03
[quote=Mafketel] Good morning dear friend [/quote] Good morning . :):love
2019-07-19 12:20:30
[color=blue]Good morning everyone . Have a great day ! :):love[/color]
2019-07-19 11:49:27
[size=4][color=blue]Another great day on TGx has come to an end :(But it won't be long for another one to start :) [/color][/size] [img]
2019-07-19 02:53:16
[quote=Tpikol] [quote=Mafketel] [quote=Tpikol] i guess this is a suggestion or something. is it possible to keep all the programing,cooking,and other kinds of learning books out of the general eBook...
2019-07-18 21:17:33
2019-07-18 20:53:41
2019-07-18 18:19:35
Welcome to TGx [user=edward05] enjoy the site. :)
2019-07-18 13:22:15
2019-07-18 13:00:08
2019-07-18 12:23:20
[size=4][color=red]Was another great day for me onTGx bt now it's time for bed.[/color][/size] [img][/img] ...
2019-07-18 03:29:50
[quote=QueenB] Gooooooooosnite all [img][/img] [/quote] Sleep well my Queen. :):-*
2019-07-17 23:09:03
[quote=Ange1] Congratulations hunni :) a very warm welcome to the team :) xx BB thats why you dont pick mine as it only runs on 2 cells loool xx [/quote] You're wrong ,have helped me many times.But ma...
2019-07-17 20:35:40
Congrats [user=Deep61],glad to have another brain to pick.The others are getting tired of me. :-):-):-) :facepalm
2019-07-17 20:27:17
I think my post may have been misunderstood,we have the ability yo control posts made on torrents.I feel this discussion can go on forever without anything being achieved.I may be missing the point h...
2019-07-17 20:22:24
[quote=B4ND1T69] [quote=bigboy12] [img][/img] [/quote] And what about the Weed [user=bigboy12]...?8o ...i need to know if i c...
2019-07-17 15:05:28
2019-07-17 12:15:14
[size=4]Was a kinda bad day for me today but what a way to end the day.[user=Miok] is with the family now. Time for my bed..:):love[/size] [img]
2019-07-17 02:52:53
I may be wrong here , but I thought that had been discussed before when guests were allowed to post comments.Whether it be guests or members posting derogatory posts, they would be removed.Am not sure...
2019-07-16 23:42:57
[quote=HDMetal] Hi, I´d like to upload some music and vids, I had trial uploader status before and now it says user status :facepalm. Thanks. [/quote] You have been reinstated.
2019-07-16 23:06:19
Good nite QueenB,sleep well. :):-*
2019-07-16 21:03:47
[quote=Angelina] Calling it an early night. 😴 Good night everyone. [/quote] Sleep well [img][/img]
2019-07-16 20:56:52
[size=4]Hope you like this one [user=Beowulf][/size] [img][/img]
2019-07-16 16:32:50
2019-07-16 10:42:40
[color=blue]Was a great day on TGx met some great new members,had tons of laughs.Doesn't get much better.But it's time for my bed.[/color] [img]
2019-07-16 03:16:30
[color=green]Today I would like the following[/color] [color=green]French toast & sausage with maple syrup please.[/color] [img]
2019-07-15 23:04:06
2019-07-15 21:01:09
2019-07-15 20:49:27
2019-07-15 20:45:27
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