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.. cheers mate :)
2020-02-27 13:58:23
Thanks for the BD greeting, and here is a return of 5 because you remembered my BD :) Cheers!
2020-02-24 00:11:18
Always quiet but always around .👍
2020-02-23 23:06:49
Cheers to Neil! ;-)
2020-02-21 19:22:16
For more great comments. I'm sure other users would appreciate them just as much as me..
2020-02-20 14:11:55
Stopped by for a visit! :-)
2020-02-17 23:56:00
Thanks for the points, kentk9 Here's five back@you!
2020-02-17 14:12:09
For leaving such a nice comment on my Led Zeppelin appreciated... ☮
2020-02-13 15:46:44
very generous... w/ entertaining & cool comments.... rock on :]
2020-02-12 09:20:21
For being very welcoming! Cheers :D
2020-02-05 20:23:58
For all your thanks in comments.
2020-02-03 09:53:18
Birthday gift for you 🎁 lolz ... thank you :)
2020-01-30 18:19:36
thankx for the comments and glad you enjoy my shares
2020-01-27 21:18:12
for the LOVE of MUSIC! :-)
2020-01-26 18:42:14
Thanks for All the "likes" in the forums mate. You don't have to post to participate.
2020-01-19 04:40:10
For all your great comments on my uploads.
2020-01-16 17:46:25
so glad you dug the Rush vids, they were truly amazing band! here's 5 to goosebumps ;-)
2020-01-13 22:32:25
Cheers mate , let the good times roll
2020-01-13 22:06:02
Thank you for the birthday wishes and chocolate and strawberry cake.
2020-01-10 09:12:03
Sorry for the delay Happy new year to you and your Family
2020-01-06 12:11:54
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April Wine's 1971 debut album, featuring their first hit single 'Fast Train.' A nice addition to any rock n' roll music collection. Thank you, [user=ZBYSZEK3k]! [img][/img]
2020-02-27 11:06:35
Season 1 consists of six short episodes of roughly 22 minutes per episode. Binge-watched the first three episodes today. I would describe it as funny in a stupid kind of way, or stupid in a funny kind of way. Lots of cultural and racial stereotypes, ...
2020-02-23 13:38:05
Nice mix, Thanks, YourMusicBro! B) [img][/img]
2020-02-22 08:11:10
Thank you, Beats! [img][/img]
2020-02-22 04:30:49
Thank you [user=Hunter]. B) [img][/img]
2020-02-22 04:28:44
My ears are ringing. What the hell is this? Jethro Tull Week at TGx?! :D This is the collection everyone should have, imho. Awesome! Thanks, [user=djdezzie]. [img][/im...
2020-02-21 01:43:32
Thank you for the new release! :-) [img][/img]
2020-02-21 00:43:24
Wow. That's a nice compilation. Welcome to TGx! Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ, [user=Led1957]! [img][/img]
2020-02-21 00:31:38
A very cool collection of classic chart hits, covered by some bands I've never heard of. Can't wait to check 'em out. Thanks, [user=YourMusicBro]. I pay tribute to your tribute. :D [img]
2020-02-20 23:14:50
1969 was an epic year for rock n' roll, driven by the hippie movement and an explosion of recreational drug use. Musically, 1969 was also the year of the now legendary outdoor concert at Yasgur's Farm, a.k.a. Woodstock, a.k.a. 'three days of peace an...
2020-02-20 09:23:04
Thank you, [user=Hunter]! [img][/img]
2020-02-19 23:17:40
One of the great techno dance groups of the 1990s, Technotronic was the brainchild of Jo Bogaert (real name Thomas de Quincy), an American-born philosophy teacher who relocated to Belgium in the late 80s with the dream of launching a career as a reco...
2020-02-19 22:58:08
Twenty-year-old Pop Smoke, the up-and-coming New York rapper, whose gruff voice made fans of stars like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, was shot and killed in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. LAPD responded to an emergency call at 4 AM after masked gunmen ...
2020-02-19 17:07:53
Excellent compilation of popular mainstream rock tracks! Thank you, Beats. You're on a roll this week. :-) [img][/img]
2020-02-19 09:36:42
Oi mate! Nice share. Thank you. B) [img][/img]
2020-02-19 01:29:32
Masters of the P. Funk genre - a.k.a. Parliament Funkadelic, or just 'funk' - Cameo were all over the radio and in the clubs back in the 80s. My favorite tracks from this collection are all on CD2, including Freaky Dancin', She's Strange, Single Life...
2020-02-18 23:11:17
Another epic compilation of A-list hard rock & metal bands. Thank you, [user=pmedia]. B) [img][/img]
2020-02-18 00:39:57
Awesome! Love these guys, haven't seen this one. Thank you for sharing it, [user=QxR]. [img][/img]
2020-02-17 02:42:50
This album is better than I expected; sort of a creative rebirth for Hollywood Undead, with a heavier, hard rock vibe. Up-and-comers, as they say, sharing the stage with Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour and Korn, among others. At least two singles...
2020-02-17 02:24:19
a worthy comeback album for Southern California's heavy metal / deathcore band, 'Suicide Silence'. Be warned, though: This is heavy-metal deathcore. Not to everyone's liking. Thank you for the new release, [user=Beats]! [img]https://www.roc...
2020-02-16 12:22:00
Thanks [user=pmedia] :bomb :love B) [img][/img]
2020-02-16 09:10:58
Good show ... and great sound for a live concert. They remind me a little of Van Halen. Thank you, analogkid! B) [img][/img]
2020-02-15 04:54:25
Amazing & talented musicians, great music and a unique sound; a fusion of jazz, funk, blues and folk rock. Their best tracks, imho, are - 'And When I Die', 'Spinning Wheel' and 'You've Made Me So Very Happy'. At least those are the three I remember ...
2020-02-15 04:46:10
Nice to have all of his classic hits in one small package. Thank you kindly, [user=djdezzie]! [img][/img]
2020-02-14 22:20:12
an awesome compilation of hit tracks! Thank you, [user=Hunter]. [img][/img]
2020-02-14 11:36:41
a nicely balanced compilation of solo and Roxy Music hits. Love the extra folder with scans & artwork. Thank you, [user=djdezzie]. [img][/img]
2020-02-13 20:50:52
Springsteen at his finest, imho, and his only double album, I believe. Brings back memories of University and smoky pubs. Thank you, [user=djdezzie]! [img]
2020-02-13 20:32:22
I've been looking forward to this. Thanks, [user=Freak37]. [img][/img]
2020-02-13 14:56:16
2020-02-12 23:25:07
I get it now. These are like Led Zeppelin B sides. When I first skimmed the track list, I said to myself, "most of these aren't their big hits". Duh. :facepalm It pays to read what the uploader has actually provided in the description. This is a co...
2020-02-12 20:24:41
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[center][size=6][color=purple]Happy Birthday, Beats![/color] [/size] [img][/img] [img]
2020-02-27 23:48:46
[center][size=6][color=#EAC117]Happy Birthday RobOtje[/color][b]![/b][/size] [img][/img][/center]
2020-02-24 22:00:51
[center][img][/img] [img][/img] [img]ht...
2020-02-24 00:31:02
[center][img][/img][size=5][color=purple][b]La mulți ani! Happy Birthday Csabaxb![/b][/color][/size][img]https://www.seahawkb...
2020-02-23 23:04:09
Hello [user=KATZ]! Thank you for posting the new pics and vids of Dr. Peart. That last video for Vertical Horizon's 'Instamatic' was amazing. It was so good, I am going to try to hunt it ...
2020-02-20 23:02:48
[center][img][/img] [img][/img] [size=6][color=purple][b]Happy Birthday! Burgers are on [s]you[/s] m...
2020-02-18 16:39:23
[quote=bigboy12] [img][/img] [/quote] [size=4]There is no escape.[/size] [img]http...
2020-02-14 03:48:51
Luv checking out albums I've never heard before. [img][/img]
2020-02-12 13:14:26
[quote=square] some you might know , some you might get to know and hopefully something you might enjoy . many thanks for looking .
2020-02-11 16:13:01
[quote=Chelsea] [center][img][/img][/center] [/quote] Blueberrry Cheesecak...
2020-02-11 11:58:11
[center][img]łku_moda_designsekcja_6.jpg[/img] [size=5][b][color=red]Happy Valentine's Day to everyone at TGx![/color][/b][/s...
2020-02-10 11:33:34
[center][img][/img] [b][size=4][color=orange]cHEERz[/color][/size][/b] [user=cRAYz][/center]
2020-02-05 03:47:57
[center][size=6][color=orange][b]Happy Birthday![/b][/color][/size] [img][/img] [user=DaScubaDude][/center]
2020-02-04 16:58:31
Thank you, [user=KATZ], for the new vids. I liked 'em all, but especially the last one, 'Obsessed', where he talks about his passion for traveling, and how he actually looked forward to breaks between...
2020-02-03 08:02:21
[quote=QueenB] [img][/img] :-@:-@:-@ [/quote] This one reminds me of people I know. :D :-) :facepalm
2020-01-30 17:09:35
This is also a good back-up to have handy --->
2020-01-30 15:54:57
This one is up --> If it violates the rules to post the link, feel free to delete this.
2020-01-30 15:42:15
Just finished downloading it. :love Wow! All 12 tracks, properly tagged, original album art, 320Kbps. Is it my birthday today? :D Thank you, [user=Chelsea]! Check your inbox for fabulous pr...
2020-01-30 15:37:00
Howdy! Looking for The Cure's 1989 album '[b]Disintegration[/b]' - or the 2010 reissue, which includes a bonus CD of rare tracks. Checked the usual sites and found a few, but zero seeders. Any h...
2020-01-30 14:32:00
[quote=jaxe] [quote=bigboy12] [quote=jaxe] I don't get it. Are those real forum posts in that screenshot? [/quote] Yup. :facepalm [/quote] Shouldn't he be on some porn site? [/quote] Howdy...
2020-01-29 03:50:38
[center]Did someone say dance? :D [img][/img][/center]
2020-01-28 16:54:45
Dear Gentlemen (and goat lovers): I'm afraid we're veering off-topic. Probably my fault. :D The topic is: large girls, shaven goats and an upcoming wedding in Lahore. I'm in. Who's with me? ...
2020-01-28 15:53:09
On second thought, the Sherlock Holmes in me says it's probably one of our members who smoked a little too much wacky weed. :D
2020-01-28 14:27:38
This is what happens when you allow anonymous comments. [img][/img]
2020-01-28 14:08:38
It's time once again to express my inner emotions. [img][/img]
2020-01-26 17:41:32
[quote=KATZ] [size=4]I am truly amazed that his hands do not give out with these drum solos... 8o [/size] [/quote] [size=4]Confucius say, 'Don't arm wrestle drummer of band'. 'He kick your scrawny...
2020-01-26 17:26:37
[quote=KATZ] [img][/img] [/quote] [size=4]Looks more like modern art than food, but I'd still eat 'e...
2020-01-26 16:35:59
2020-01-26 16:06:11
[quote=jaxe] [quote=kentk9] [quote=Csabaxb] [i][b][size=5]Triple Chocolate Cake[/size][/b][/i] [img][/img] [/quote] ...
2020-01-24 07:46:21
[size=4][color=purple]While I'm binge-linking to related Rush uploads, here's an ebook, courtesy of [user=zakareya]. ---> ...
2020-01-22 14:08:41
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