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keep safe Miok and the family with this virus thats going around...
2020-03-29 21:46:33
Sending love hugs and ange1 wings to keep you safe always hunni :) xoxo
2020-03-29 17:57:46
Its miok nuff said... luv ya long time
2020-03-27 15:34:22
Thank you so much, that was a lovely thought. Please stay safe. :)
2020-03-25 04:25:14
Not many words just Thanks
2020-03-24 16:41:53
Dear miok. Thank you for the sun and the promotion I got from you. Now I am funny, happy and satisfied. Here are 5 points for you too. You are a very good moderator.
2020-03-24 14:04:53
stay safe buddy as we are only 2 amigo's at present
2020-03-23 15:34:10
Ty so much for the audio books and all the help you've given me. Deeply appreciated
2020-03-23 13:27:32
Sending good wishes your way in these difficult times :)
2020-03-23 05:26:30
2020-03-22 21:35:14
Just because you're a good guy and a good friend. I sure would like it if you'd say goodnight before disappearing into the night tho ;) :-* I'll always love you hun :love
2020-03-22 03:02:01
Still the best mod out there no matter what!
2020-03-21 06:39:40
For all of your help and your personal bounty. You take such good care of us, thank you! ❤️
2020-03-20 16:19:11
Top mod, funny mod, lurking mod lol. Always willing to help.
2020-03-19 16:47:07
Thanks for the warm welcome. You're pretty nice, no matter what that Janor says about you :)
2020-03-18 23:36:49
Best mod in this scene! very good fella.
2020-03-18 13:47:56
Happy St. Paddy's Day To My Bestest Bud:)
2020-03-17 17:31:12
Absolutely 😊🦋
2020-03-17 12:27:20
A true Gentleman and great friend, thank you hunni for being you truly amazing :) xx
2020-03-16 19:43:39
If I can give You 1000 points , but U're the best
2020-03-16 18:40:15
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This app has been scanned with VirusTotal It contains some "false positives" but nothing malicious
2020-03-29 19:11:29
@Guest-2088 I'm sorry you're having problems but the issue must on your end. The torrent is active in my seedbox, with plenty of other seeds and 300+ completed downloads. Maybe you should try deleting it from your client and starting fresh. Good ...
2020-03-28 11:54:30
Thank you very much 9/9
2020-03-27 17:19:14
Many thanks 9/9
2020-03-26 23:19:10
@Enjoyment4me Your comments are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for your input :)
2020-03-26 16:21:10
Thank you very much 9/9
2020-03-25 23:36:17
Thanks a lot
2020-03-24 01:22:43
It clearly states that it contains ads. If you can't deal with it, instead of complaining, don't download torrents that say they contain ads...Simple
2020-03-22 16:51:14
@Guest-4230 The torrent plainly states that it contains ads. Some people are willing to put up with ads to get early access to new films. What quality were you expecting from a cam? Easy cure, instead of complaining about people who work hard to ...
2020-03-22 16:44:40
Thank you very much 9/9
2020-03-21 19:22:02
It is English
2020-03-21 18:25:30
Thanks again battlestar 9/9
2020-03-19 20:30:08
Many thanks! 9/9
2020-03-17 19:39:19
Thank you very much 9/9
2020-03-16 19:31:50
Thank you very much 9/9
2020-03-16 19:31:16
Thank you very much. Great quality 9/9
2020-03-16 17:24:12
You're very welcome Guest-4115
2020-03-14 13:17:15
@Guest-2380 In case you haven't noticed, IMDb ratings change daily as more people rate the releases.
2020-03-13 17:12:22
There are good points made here. I added the cover It on'y takes an extra second to do it right.
2020-03-13 17:08:37
Thanks Flash I'm in complete agreement. Mods should remember that no comments should be removed unless they violate the rules.
2020-03-13 16:56:44
@Guest-3253 You are correct about the missing audio. The uploader has been notified. Maybe he'll re-upload the affected episodes. Thanks for letting us know.
2020-03-10 19:31:08
You're welcome Paladin Glad you enjoyed it
2020-03-09 14:19:19
Thank you very much LifeLongg
2020-03-08 23:58:21
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[quote=thejokerred] I want to Upload books The Luciferian Doctrine Book Trilogy/ Please grant me Uploader status [/quote] How to request trial upload status: Please post an introduction about yo...
2020-03-29 20:35:47
[quote=Mafketel]Pick on someone of your own size :-(:-(:-(:-( [/quote] [img][/img]
2020-03-29 20:15:55
[quote=Mafketel] [quote=QueenB] [quote=sherb] [quote=QueenB] [quote=Mafketel] [img][/img] [spoiler=oooops] No thong:-@ [/spoiler] ...
2020-03-29 18:51:55
[quote=miok] [quote=PaladinNites] A little help on this one if possible...was going fine, but the brakes locked up at 99.3%. Have PM'd the uploader, but no reply....guess not on much. https://torrent...
2020-03-29 16:47:24
[quote=PaladinNites] A little help on this one if possible...was going fine, but the brakes locked up at 99.3%. Have PM'd the uploader, but no reply....guess not on much.
2020-03-29 16:40:05
Adding covers, pictures and screenshots to your torrents is not only allowed but is also encouraged, as it adds visual appeal to the torrent and the site. Thanks.
2020-03-29 13:44:05
I think you'd get more downloads if you broke your torrent into several smaller ones. Many users don't have the connection speed necessary to make downloading a 1.30 TB torrent practical.
2020-03-29 12:00:55
Welcome to TGx [user=Rayzee] Thanks for the intro. Enjoy the site.
2020-03-29 11:46:37
Thanks for another excellent review Paladin :)
2020-03-29 03:10:22
[quote=QueenB] [quote=bigboy12] [quote=QueenB] [quote=bigboy12] [quote=LRS] [quote=Lisa] Just popped by to say hello I'm [user=Lrs] partner I've come for the laughs and hope to make lots of new friend...
2020-03-28 23:28:47
[center][size=5][b][color=red]TorrentGalaxy Recommended Trackers Updated: March 28, 2020[/color][/b][/size][/center]
2020-03-28 23:12:16
[quote=LRS] pfft... you know whos Boss, back to the kitchen with ya and make me a sandwich before my bud iCMAL comes online pmsl ;) [/quote] 8o What balls he has! B)
2020-03-28 18:53:11
[quote=Briansmith5973] I am Brian Smith, A foodie, Biker and Foodie. Designer by profession. [/quote] PM sent to request removal of outside link. Thanks
2020-03-28 16:23:36
[quote=LRS] [quote=Lisa] Just popped by to say hello I'm [user=Lrs] partner I've come for the laughs and hope to make lots of new friends. [/quote] Great now i don't have to shout through and say ...
2020-03-28 16:17:59
[quote=Shoshin] Looking for Lou Cadle's "Bleeding: Oil Apocalypse Book 2." Seems that it's fallen out of the seed network, but books 1 and 3 are still seeding.
2020-03-28 15:45:22
Hello and welcome to TGx Brian. Thanks for the intro. Enjoy the site. Visit the chat if you'd like to meet interesting and friendly people.
2020-03-28 12:24:59
Welcome to TGx [user=Lisa] We're happy to have you here. If your sense of humor matches that of [user=LRS], I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. Pop into chat if you'd like to meet some "interesting" in...
2020-03-28 12:02:23
[quote=Gio21stri] i tried to upload torrent file (which is 2.90 mb in size). but its gives error "entity is too large". Is there any way to upload it? [/quote] PM sent
2020-03-28 11:45:32
[quote=Gio21stri] where did you saw that im said that im will only upload this single torrent? im planning to upload more ,im uploading torrents since 2011 for example biggest in internet collectio...
2020-03-27 11:34:58
2020-03-26 21:04:51
Welcome to TorrentGalaxy [user=Befnall] Hope you enjoy the site :)
2020-03-26 19:45:10
I'm not very familiar with Vuze but everything look right except you do need to tick the "Open the torrent for seeding" box, which I know you also tried. If all else fails, I would definitely try cop...
2020-03-26 19:41:32
[quote=Gio21stri] [quote=miok] [quote=Gio21stri] i wanna upload rare 1.30 Tb collection of saturday night live. contact me inbox [/quote] Hello and welcome to TGx .Gio21stri We do not conduct busi...
2020-03-26 12:41:06
[quote=NoClue] I've been having trouble for a little over a week with torrents from this site not starting. I am able to download from other trackers with no problem and the port is forwarded. canyous...
2020-03-25 22:39:06
[quote=giusejoseph] I am happy to be part of this community I would like to share with you blur and 3d pending your response on this regards [/quote] Hello and welcome to TGx giusejoseph I don't kn...
2020-03-25 22:34:14
[center][img][/img] [color=crimson][size=6][font=Ravie][b]Happy Birthday ManinMirror[/b][/font][/size][/color] [img][/img][/center]
2020-03-25 19:07:48
Hello and welcome to TGx [user=ManinMirror] I hope you enjoy our site.
2020-03-25 10:55:20
[quote=B4ND1T69] Prolly a well known issue but how do you search for the cop show >> [b]9-1-1[/b]
2020-03-25 00:45:17
[quote=n4tto] Hello, Requesting trial upload. I'm new uploader and plan to upload TV Show, Movie, Music. [/quote] [color=green][b]Trial Uploader status granted[/b][/color]
2020-03-24 12:13:23
[quote=Shoshin] Does anyone have "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl? [s]
2020-03-23 21:31:24

Status removed:
:_boob: Boob
Doesn't look good on robo miok
2020-01-10 22:43:14
Status added:
:_boob: Boob
Don't be jealous.... Your turn
2020-01-10 22:39:11
Status added:
:_moderator: Moderator
(Promoted from Trusted User)
Welcome back in red.
2019-09-12 22:04:30
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:_moderator: Moderator
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Until fixed.
2019-09-12 02:19:32
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:_moderator: Moderator
(Promoted from Trusted User)
2019-09-06 19:25:57
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Temp will fix it soon m8
2019-09-06 15:58:10
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:_sitefriend: Sitefriend
2019-07-20 18:16:43
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:_moderator: Moderator
(Promoted from Trusted Uploader)
Congrats Miok and as discussed can only lead to higher things
2019-07-20 17:49:37
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:_boob: Boob
really didn't suit you
2019-07-17 19:16:48
Status added:
:_boob: Boob
2019-07-17 19:14:36
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:_boob: Boob
finished with user status test
2019-07-17 19:06:31
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just gave miok boobs to test things out
2019-07-17 19:02:33
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Welcome to TorrentGalaxy :)
2019-07-17 01:50:52
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2019-07-15 16:52:55
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:_boob: Boob
2019-07-15 15:26:47
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:_turtle: Turtle
Our very first member and still here. :) Have a little new friend. He was wandering around the staff hallway. Please take care of him.
2019-06-23 15:08:42
Status added:
:_sitefriend: Sitefriend
Deserves this :) always so kind friendly and helpful to all in chat, thank you hun :) xx
2018-07-12 23:19:52
Status added:
:_sitelover: Sitelover
For helping out members and helping around site.
2018-06-22 19:02:01
Status added:
:_sun: Sunshine
For Bringing Sunshine to the chat room every day, thank you hun :) xx
2018-06-15 18:37:19
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:_trusted_user: Trusted User
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good member
2018-05-15 12:32:17

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