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Have 5 from me and thanks for torrent feedback.. always appreciated :)
2019-09-24 21:39:35
and here is another 5 from me
2019-09-24 14:10:03
Great questions.. +5 from me "what is reppoints? how do you get them?"
2019-08-05 03:26:48
Any one from new york deserves a point. for braving shout.
2019-08-05 03:19:59
Welcome to TGx enjoy your stay
2018-10-12 13:05:21
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You are doing the Lord's work!!!! Thanks for this! A+++++ upload!
2020-06-05 22:52:25
do you have this for Windows? the most up to date version?
2020-06-03 19:21:51
Thank you for this upload!!!!! Great series!
2020-05-27 20:51:22
Here are the Dynasty seasons in 720 great quality.... https://tor...
2020-05-21 08:45:44
Thanks for this! I'd love to see more uploads similar to this - complete tv shows uploaded in 720p
2020-05-15 09:19:48
what didn't work? could you be more specific?
2020-05-09 10:16:52
Just to update everyone, it finally finished downloading! Great quality. a/9 v/9
2020-04-22 06:04:13
I've tried downloading this three times and everytime it freezes at 56% and won't download anymore. Any idea what could be happening?
2020-04-20 19:35:15
Do you have the other seasons of this show? I'd appreciate it if you did!!!!! Thanks for this upload!
2020-04-13 19:16:53
Does updated mean there is something wrong with the original upload?
2020-04-10 17:58:31
Thank you for this upload OP. A 10 V 10
2020-03-31 17:23:35
^^^^^ Another example that anons can't be useful.
2020-03-31 17:22:43
Thank you for this.
2020-03-24 13:36:06
Thank you for this!!!
2020-03-24 13:35:32
If possible, when you leave a comment/review on a torrent - could you rate the audio and visuals? Like A/8 V/8 or something like that?
2020-03-20 20:48:48
great upload!!!!! a 10 v 10. Thank you so much for this!!!
2020-01-31 10:08:36
great upload!!!!! a 10 v 10. Thank you so much for this!!!
2020-01-31 10:07:53
great upload!!!!! a 10 v 10. Thank you so much for this!!!
2020-01-31 10:07:30
it might be a good idea to include the wrap-up film Serenity, or at least also upload it separately so the whole "story" is easy to find. Thanks for this upload! A 10 V 10
2020-01-30 09:21:09
Hope this is a good copy bc I have been wanting to see this!! Thanks a million.
2019-12-25 23:18:29
a 10 v 10. Great quality. Thanks for this.
2019-12-01 04:40:38
Will you upload the other seasons of this as well? Thanks a bunch for this upload!!!!!!
2019-11-30 18:31:37
Will you upload the first five seasons of this as well? Watched this season and its a fascinating show! Thanks for this. A 10 V 10 Great upload!
2019-11-30 18:28:41
If this is no ads, then why does literally EVERY screenshot have an ad on it?
2019-11-27 19:14:23
This is missing the final two episodes - eps 15 and 16. (Ep 16 is the finale.)
2019-11-16 03:52:59
DSNP is Disney Plus. It is a webrip from Disney +.
2019-11-13 22:58:42
Will you be uploading season 4???
2019-11-06 04:57:56
A 10 V 10 Thanks for this!!!
2019-11-01 19:03:55

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Hey everyone... My mom is an avid book reader but is going blind, and must now rely on audiobooks. She has asked if I can get her any Abbi Glines audiobooks, and her absolute favorite - Bertrice Sma...
2019-06-27 06:08:34
I am looking for Seasons 1 and 2 of Mama June From Not to Hot. Thank you so much! (x264 preferred please!)
2019-04-15 03:42:16
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