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Nice uploads, thankyou for sharing 😊
2019-07-02 15:35:31
Have another 5 for rating and commenting :)
2019-06-28 01:22:33
Thank you for sharing with us, Nice stuff, well presented.
2019-05-27 13:44:17
Have 5 for being a great guy to work with :)
2019-05-16 18:00:14
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What do you mean?
2020-05-02 07:23:14
seeding now. please seed after download.
2020-04-19 23:13:35
seeding. please seed after download.
2020-04-09 04:32:01
Seeding right now. Please re-seed after downloading.
2020-04-02 01:27:25
Best movie to watch under self isolation. :D
2020-03-20 14:10:51
Okay i'll seed this torrent. Please seed back after downloading Thanks.
2020-03-18 10:30:47
seeding. please seed after downloading. thanks.
2020-02-24 18:28:56
Isn't this actually Season 3 of the series which was revived by netflix just recently.
2019-12-22 10:45:32
you are welcome. no one is really seeding except for me. i increased the seeding speed. will now download quickly. please seed the downloading size. thanks.
2019-11-19 09:03:09
@normalozperson this torrent includes all versions. Germany, Spain, France & UK and each version has 3 episodes.
2019-10-26 16:35:04
Your torrents are awesome but please reconsider the Bitrate quality. It is a bit low resulting in little bit loss in quality. Please consider Constant Quality RF - 24 bitrate quality or 1000 kbps above. Thanks.
2019-09-17 10:40:38
it is seeding. please try again.
2019-08-20 15:55:49
Thanx a lot QxR. A gem of a Tv series.
2019-07-28 01:20:14
you are welcome, mate. thank you for seeding. have a good one.
2019-07-18 23:40:15
Thank you for seeding.
2019-07-09 23:04:17
Nice one, thanx!
2019-06-18 08:53:17
Great show. one of the best of the year.
2019-06-05 15:02:44
Next Upload: Pushing Daisies Season 1 and 2
2019-05-31 20:58:41
Thanks for this.
2019-05-28 07:22:49
Season 2 Subtitles Link
2019-05-28 07:12:07
Cheers, Mate.
2019-05-18 05:19:24

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Yeah but it is just a Dvd version which is 480p. It's unbearable on big screens and It's no match for 720p/1080p AMZN.WEBRip. I found a source bit it's big like 544 Gb. Will be downloading and encod...
2019-06-04 21:14:33
I previously requested if someone is willing to encode Monk Tv series which has 8 seasons. As it turned out i will do it myself. will be encoding 1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1 P.S - will take some time ...
2019-06-04 20:48:26
[i]Can someone encode Monk Tv Series Season 1-8 (2002-09) 720p please. It is a great detective series. It is available in HD but in retail size. Someone needs to encode at less size. Thank You. https...
2019-05-12 07:13:03
seeding at 4mb/ is active.
2019-04-25 16:30:29
Need torrent verification. Thanks.
2019-04-25 16:23:13
[b][i]Hello, I need verification to post further torrents, can someone verify my torrents? Thank you.[/i][/b]
2019-04-25 01:45:43
[b]Thank you.[/b]
2019-04-25 00:49:50
2019-04-24 23:52:03
[b]Can't able to sorry nothing happens when i click submit. can't even upload torrents on tpb at the moment. To prove take my tpb id pass or i can message on 1337x, comments works there.[/b]
2019-04-24 23:38:51
[b]I had a kickass account but got deleted, there were some torrents in there too. But at the moment sadly i only have these accounts. As you can see on my 1337x account
2019-04-24 23:18:08
[b]Hello Moderator, i would like to request for an uploader status for Movies and Tv shows packs. i have been looking for a sophisticated website to be an active member but couldn't found a stable t...
2019-04-24 22:40:39

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my error :P
2019-05-09 11:28:26
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checked out his work on TPB ,seeded well partially downed 3 torrents & were good .Also requested to post comment on1337x & complied.Giving him a shot.Told him to read the rules & gave him the link for them.Hope I did ok.
2019-04-25 00:45:10
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