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Pink Floyd - The Final Cut (2019 2CD Hi-Res Rem)ak320

The Final Cut is the twelfth studio album by English rock band Pink Floyd, released on 21 March 1983 in the United Kingdom and on 2 April in the United States, through Harvest and Columbia Records. Initial recording for the album took place from 1978 to 1979, where outtakes from the group's previous record, The Wall (1979), were shelved and later used for the record. Additional recording took place throughout 1982 in several studios in Britain. The sessions were plagued by interpersonal conflict, and was the last album from the group to feature founding member Roger Waters, who departed the band in 1985, and the first to not feature keyboardist Richard Wright.

Waters originally planned the album as a soundtrack for the 1982 film adaptation of The Wall, but with the onset of the Falklands War, he rewrote it as a concept album exploring what he considered the betrayal of his father, who died serving in the Second World War. Waters sings most of the lyrics, and lead guitarist David Gilmour provides lead vocals on one track. The record is somewhat viewed as a de facto solo album from Waters, as he is the only member to receive writing credits in the lining notes. It was accompanied by a short film released in the same year.

The Final Cut received mixed reviews from critics, but was a commercial success, reaching number one in the UK and number six in the US. Retrospective reception towards the record has been more favorable, with praise directed towards its concept. Since its release, it has sold over 2 million copies.

Disk 1
01 When The Tigers Broke Free (Single Edit)
02 When The Boys Back Home (Single Edit)
03 Not Now John (Obscured Version)
04 Not Now John (Promo Version)
05 The Hero's Return (Parts 1 & 2)
06 The Post War Dream
07 Your Possible Parts
08 One Of The Few
09 The Hero's Return (Part 1)
10 The Gunners Dream
11 The Hero's Return (Part 2)
12 Paranoid Eyes
13 Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
14 The Fletcher Memorial Home
15 Southampton Dock
16 The Final Cut
17 Not Now John
18 Two Suns In The Sunset
19 The Final Cut (Video Up Mixes)
Disk 2

01. The Post War Dream
02. Your Possible Parts
03. One Of The Few
04. The Hero's Return
05. The Gunners Dream
06. Paranoid Eyes
07. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
08. The Fletcher Memorial Home
09. Southampton Dock
10. The Final Cut
11. Not Now John
12. Two Suns In The Sunset
13. The Final Cut Comments (Interviews)
14. Roger Waters & David Gilmour Interview (1984)
15. David Gilmour - You Know I'm Right (1984 Song About Roger)
Disk 3
01 - 09 Jim Ladd Interview (Segments 1-8)
10. Roger Waters 1984 - Rockline Interview (Excerpt)

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Nice one analogkid, a very underrated album which I have listened to more than any other Floyd album. I don't have this version, so very much appreciated.

Posted: 2019-04-03 20:51:32 (7Wks ago) Report
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high baby high

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