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[ ] React.js: Building Production Ready Apps, Start to Finish

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Created by 3D BUZZ Programming and Digital Art training, Nelson LaQuet | Video: 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | Duration: 17.5 hours | Lec: 77 | 2.27 GB | Language: English + Sub .VTTProfessional web development using React and Reactive ExtensionsWhat you'll learn
Understand the core concepts of React.js, and learn how to apply them to REAL web applications or games
Truly understand the benefits of a uni-directional, reactive, event based architecture and the related patterns
Build a production-quality build pipeline for our client, server, and test code with WebPack, Babel, Jasmine, and GulpRequirements
Have a basic understanding of how to navigate your platform's terminal or command lineDescription
This course is a complete view into building production ready applications using React and Reactive Extensions!React is a view library created by Facebook that has taken the JavaScript community by storm over the last few years. It's largely responsible for a paradigm shift in web development, emphasizing the creation of reusable, modular components that are easy to understand and manipulate. Used properly, React can eliminate most, if not all, of the error-prone, long-winded, DOM manipulation code you may have had to write in the past!Reactive Extensions (RXJS) is a library that allows us to write reactive code in JavaScript. As you'll see in this course, RXJS and React go hand in hand to provide a complete, modern, easy to understand architecture for our applications. While we use RXJS in lieu of Redux or Flux, inspiration from both are heavily borrowed; so you will leave this course with a leg up in understanding the core principles of those patterns as well!This series is a project-based look at using all of the technologies that are becoming commonplace in the web development world. We use Gulp, WebPack, Babel, SASS, and Jasmine to put together a real-world asset pipeline that will support the development and deployment of our application.This course has four main sections:React Primer: we start with an introduction to React terminology and syntax by putting together a few simple applications.
Asset Pipeline: next, we begin our main project in this course by wiring together Gulp, WebPack, Babel and SASS in order to create an asset pipeline that is necessary to support a React application.
Project Client: the "meat" of this course; in this section we build all of our client-side code, and use RXJS and React to establish the architecture that will support our project.
Project Server: the final main section will focus on the creation of a socket-io server that will provide all of the server-side logic of our application.
Finally, at the end of this course, we will deploy our application to a free Heroku hosting account!The goal of this course is simple: to be a start to finish, end to end, complete look at how we can architect an application properly using modern patterns and techniques while taking advantage of the React library!Who this course is for?
This course is NOT an introduction to JavaScript
You MUST understand JavaScript syntax
Familiarity with the language features of ES2015 is a plus, but not required (you'll get plenty of practice!)
This course is for people who want to learn how to use React.js to create production-ready applications and games
This course is ESPECIALLY for people who want to build reactive, real-time applications in JavaScript, using React, ReactiveExtensions, and!
To get the most out of this course, it is HIGHLY recommended that you follow along with implementing the project during the course (source code is provided if you get stuck)

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