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[ ] The Ultimate Guide for Land Surveying with Drones - Part 1

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BESTSELLER | Video: 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | Duration: 2 hours | Lec: 36 | 537 MB | Language: English + Sub .VTTMaster the complete workflow using DroneDeploy, Litchi and Pix4D. Start your own UAV mapping business right away!What you'll learn
Master end to end drone surveying processes and techniques
Tap into the multi billion dollar global land surveying industry! Understand the basics of land surveying and how you can transform this sector with drones
Learn about surveying accuracy and how you can achieve the best possible accuracy
Choose the best drones for aerial surveying
Plan nadir and oblique automated flights using techniques that I have mastered over 3 years. Learn how to use kml/excel files and gps tagging apps to plan your flights
Learn about safety and regulations for drone operations
Internalize all practical aspects of flight execution - marking boundary points, choosing best take off points, adjusting flight parameters, image quality and coverage check, continuing flights mid way in a mission
Use image processing software to generate, analyze and visualize aerial survey outputs - orthomosaics, DSMs, 3D models and contours
Practise flight planning and image processing steps with sample data sets
Subtitles in English and SpanishRequirements
This course does not need any prior drone related experience. Anyone can take it up!Description
This course is the first part of the 3 course series “The Ultimate Guide for Land Surveying with Drones”. This part covers the basics of land surveying and how drones have revolutionized this process. We have detailed all the steps involved in flight planning and execution and how you can go about processing the images captured to get the needed outputs. This course is especially useful for those of you who are beginners and have no experience with drone surveying.Who this course is for?
Anyone who is passionate about drone applications!
Anyone who wants to start a drone survey business!
Anyone who wants to add drone surveying to their existing services!

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