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Always check last version of Windows ISO file on my profile NewHorizons:_trusted_uploader::_sun: and select "Torrents"

Windwos 10 Professional x64 include Office 2019 Professional Plus x64 / English version / ACTIVATED
Windows Version: 1909 / OS build: 18362.476 / Code name: 19H2
Office Version: 1910/ Build 12130.20272

NOTE: This Windows and Office is fully activated.
Before you install, read "Installation" file, provided in this torrent.

Full November 2019 update

Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender Antivirus - KB2267602 (Version 1.305.3158.0)
Update for Windows Defender Antivirus antimalware platform - KB4052623 (Version 4.18.1910.4)
Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64 - November 2019 (KB890830)
2019-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based System (KB4524570)
2019-11 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64 (KB4522742)
2019-11 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4516115)

Windows 10 Pro is designed for small and medium businesses enabling
organizations to manage their devices and apps, protect their business data
facilitate remote and mobile scenarios as well as take advantage of the cloud
technologies for their organizations. In addition to small and medium
businesses, Windows 10 Pro devices would be a good choice for organizations
supporting CYOD programs.

With Windows 10 Pro, you’ve got a great business partner. It has all the features of Windows 10 Home, plus important business functionality for encryption, remote log-in, creating virtual machines, and more. Get fast start-ups, a familiar yet expanded Start menu, and great new ways to get stuff done, plus innovative features like an all-new browser built for online action and Cortana, the more personal digital assistant.

- Join your Domain. You can connect to your business or school Domain or Azure Active Directory to use network files, servers, printers, and more.
- Enhanced encryption. Get additional security with BitLocker to help protect your data with encryption and security management.
- Remote log-in. Windows 10 enables you to log in with Remote Desktop to sign in and use your Pro PC while at home or on the road.
- Virtual machines. Create and run virtual machines with Hyper-V so you can run more than one operating system at the same time on the same PC.
- Your apps in the Store. Windows 10 lets you create your own private app section in the Windows Store for convenient access to company applications.

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Posted: 2019-12-09 02:02:39 (29Wks ago) Report
Guest user
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does anyone have a win 7 and 10 in one bootable USB? is it even possible? i really will never use 9.1 so i don't want to waste the space and time.

Posted: 2019-12-09 02:05:18 (29Wks ago) Report
Guest user
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Has anyone ever seen a win 7 and 10 in one bootable USB? is it even possible? i will never use 8.1 so i don't want to waste the space and time.

Posted: 2019-12-15 12:11:04 (28Wks ago) Report
Guest user
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This is Office 2016, not 2019.

Posted: 2019-12-17 23:09:02 (28Wks ago) Report

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Your lucky if you can even get this one to boot. The one from 11/21/19 works perfectly.
I think that's the date don't quote me it's the one before this one.
Don't ask this guy anything though he's a nasty little shit.
If office is in the wrong year they invented this thing called update, just busting your balls just update it update works fine.
Honestly this took two seconds to Google Windows live USB, it has pictures, laugh you asked.

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